DIY Promaster Van Conversion – From an RVshare Employee!

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Ever dreamed of doing your own van conversion? In May of 2022, Summer and Ryan Ginther drove over 16 hours roundtrip to pick up a 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 van. They had dreamed of a van conversion for years, and after selling their Class C RV, they knew it was time to take it on. With a high roof and 159″ wheelbase, this van was the exact size for their needs. 

Ryan started working for RVshare in 2021 when he and his partner Summer lived and traveled out of their beautifully renovated Class C RV. Neither of them had much building experience before although they certainly know their way through renovations. They took on some major renovation projects before; starting with their travel trailer and more recently their A-frame cabin. This van would be their biggest challenge, building a home from the ground up while trying to keep it simple, affordable AND livable. Although they are not returning to full-time life on the road, this adventure duo plans to still make some long-term trips out of their home on wheels. With a budget of $15,000 they started the build of their ultimate home on wheels. This Promaster van conversion is sure to leave you speechless!

promaster with build conversion

About Their Build

A complete home, including a full kitchen and wet bathroom. A fixed bed, designated workstations, and specially created spaces for their four-legged best friends. This Promaster van conversion might be the best one we’ve seen! Ready to get an insight look to their home?

The Kitchen

A big priority for their kitchen space was to make it simple but functional. They opted for a 2 burner gas cooktop and a deep sink with a foldable faucet. For the fridge, they chose a 12V RV Refrigerator a fridge/freezer combo that has ample space for a week’s worth of food. While also being efficient with power usage. 

kitchen sink inside van

To make this kitchen on wheels stand out and look like the dreamiest cabin on wheels they used a live-edge black walnut countertop. This Facebook Marketplace find was only $60 and adds so much personality to the space.  To add texture to the only wall in the space, Summer experimented with a faux lime wash that turned out stunning. To wrap up, they used a handmade tile to protect the area surrounding the sink and bring in a little more color. 


Their bathroom and plumbing system is geared up with a 33-gallon fresh water tank and a 21-gallon grey water tank. These provide water for their sink and their shower. Yup, shower and it’s not just a functional feature it is also gorgeous! Their 24×24” shower/wet bath combo is geared up with a removable Cuddy Composting toilet.

before and after van build

Their stunning shower design is inspired by the colors of the sunset, made with three different colors of Fireclay Tile this shower is sure to steal the show. For a warm shower, their plumbing system has an electric 2.5-gallon water heater, although it draws significant power they chose this route to avoid a complicated propane system. 


Building out an electrical system is not for the faint of heart. With some previous experience adding solar panels to their Class C RV they knew where to start. Their electrical system is equipped with 4 – 100 watts solar panels mounted to the roof that feed into their 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller and their 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Batteries. The system also has a 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter to convert DC power to AC for 120V items. 

inside a converted promaster van

Ryan and Summer created a beautiful and highly functional home on wheels. They managed to stay on budget while building their dream home. For more of their adventures and renovations find their Youtube channel here!