Geometric DIY Camper Creates Online Buzz

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What do you do when you want to travel, but you don’t actually own an RV?  Take one 1986 Toyota pickup truck, and add a dash of creativity.  TADAH!  Create your own custom-made, geometric, all-wood camper.  Okay, it’s probably not as easy as it looks, but it’s possible.  If you can’t afford to buy a new camper (let’s face it, those babies are expensive!), you can still own a custom RV.  Find your favorite DIY friends and grab a pen.  What’s your favorite design?  What would you want in your own camper?  This guy decided that he wanted the feeling of lots of space, without actually having to build a whole travel trailer.  His amazing hexagon-frame structure gave him the best of both worlds.  He has plenty of sleeping space and storage, and even a place for his dog.  Need a place to eat?  No problem.  By keeping the living space open, he leaves room to build a simple kitchen along the side.


What features in a camper are important to you?  Would you want to build out of wood?  Do you like the open feel that this unique RV provides?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below, then scroll through the amazing photos to see the full transformation.  Oh, and don’t forget to share this article.  Thanks for reading!


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