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How to Build Your Own Teardrop Camper

A DIY teardrop trailer is a deeply personal way to travel. If you plan to build and use one, you’ll have to make some tough decisions about what to include and what to omit. And, of course, since it’s custom-built, each teardrop trailer is completely unique to its owner and builder. 

Here are the basic steps to building a teardrop trailer:

1. The foundation: You’ll need a frame to use for the wheels, lights, and the rest of the trailer to sit on.

2. The sides: Install walls using wooden frames and add an exhaust fan, a metal roof, doors, windows, and fenders.

3. The galley and interior: Install wiring, insulation, cabinets, and shelves.

4. The finish: Use a dye for the base exterior color and add a few layers of epoxy to the finish.

Learn From the DIY Teardrop Camper Pros

There are lots of DIY teardrop trailer videos online that can walk you through the entire process! 

Handyman and teardrop enthusiast Ryan documented the entire process of building his teardrop trailer at Teardrop He also showcases other people who have built their own trailers, so his site is a trove of ideas! 

Wander Tears shares a time-lapse video of their trailer build.

They also share their camper plans, which you can purchase and follow to make your own trailer. 

Craig built a DIY teardrop trailer starting with a Harbor Freight trailer, which he purchased for just under $500. 

And Tiny Home Tours shared a DIY teardrop trailer built by a father and son in just one month for $3,000. 

There are lots of ideas out there! You can even purchase plans for a DIY teardrop trailer on Amazon

It’s possible to check out several ideas and mix and match what you like to make a completely original DIY teardrop trailer for yourself.