Camping Hacks That Could Actually Save Your Life!

How Tos & Tips

When you spend time away from civilization, you realize that things you take for granted, like heat and electricity, are actually precious luxuries.

The ‘camping hacks’ below could save your life and perhaps, solve the common problems you will encounter, if you ever get stuck in the wild.

  • Prevent hypothermia by wearing pantyhose

I bet you didn’t know hunters go to the supermarket to buy XXX-Large women’s pantyhose, did you? Pantyhose provide an extra layer of warmth during those cold nights in the woods. Apparently, they are called “Mantyhose.”

  • Petroleum jelly and lint can start a fire

If you don’t have lint, you can just as easily use a ball of cotton wool. Roll it in petroleum jelly, and you have a quick fuel extender.

dandelions in a field

  • Dandelions are safe to eat

Take a close look at the plant below. Don’t die of hunger in the wild, look for it and eat it.

  • Toilet paper can make a cast

Got a broken arm in the boondocks? Wrap it in toilet paper, then seal it with duct tape, for a quick DIY cast.

  • Water magnifies light

If you have a jug of water, strap a headlamp on it. The light is magnified as it travels through the water.

  • Candles can cook

You only need the right-sized container that will spread the flame evenly. Most tinned foods can be easily warmed over a candle. Open the can before placing it over a flame.

a man looking at his watch

  • Make a compass

If you get lost, point the hour hand of your watch towards the sun and the 12 o’clock hand to the left. The spot between these two points is south.

  • Dew is filtered water

Dew needs no extra purification. Soak up dew early in the morning using a bandana, and wring it into your mouth. You need to get up pretty early though.

  • Bra cups make great debris masks

I know this one sounds too good to be true for some, but holding a bra cup to your nose and mouth will help prevent airborne debris and smoke from getting into your lungs.

  • Duct tape seals wounds

If you cut yourself, and can’t get medical assistance, but have duct tape, create some butterfly stitches by simply cutting duct tape into stripes and applying it along the length of the cut.

  • Don’t have the correct battery size? No worries, use tinfoil

Tin foil turns AAA into AA batteries in an instant. Fit as much tinfoil you can on the negative terminal of your device. The batteries should work.

shredded cheddar cheese

  • Cheese is your friend

Parmigiano, cheddar, and Gruyere cheeses can last up to a week without refrigeration.

  • Make an everlasting candle

Tie a strip of t-shirt, wrap it around a pole, and dip this in Crisco, lard, or tuna oil, and you have a candle that won’t burn out.

  •  DIY stove

Can you get your hands on a can of cat food? If so, drill a number of holes around the top of the can, then pour in some denatured alcohol. This creates a simple mini-stove to cook on.

  • Find a cuddle buddy

If it gets cold, cuddle. Ever heard the term: it’s a three-dog night? It came from sleeping between two dogs to keep warm.

 Do you know any tricks folks could use? Have you used any of the above? Tell us below!