Easy Ways to Warm up your RV and Get Cozy

RV Owners

Winter RV camping is a one-of-a-kind experience. It gives you the opportunity to see a new side of landscapes that might already be familiar or to get acquainted with new ones that look best dressed in white. All you have to do is flip open your travel atlas or National Park Guide to see how many incredible options there are to discover. But what winter camping accessories will you need?

Winter camping is also a great opportunity for those adventurous, outdoorsy folks amongst us who take on fun winter sports, from the extreme — like skiing and snowboarding — to the not-so-extreme, like snowshoeing or even just hiking in the woods while it’s cold.

But whether you want to spend time in the snowy outdoors or you’re just looking to enjoy the winter landscape from the comfort and safety of the space behind your RV’s windshield, some of the very best new RV camping accessories out there are the ones that’ll help keep you cozy and comfortable while you’re exploring the frozen hinterlands this winter.

Here are some easy accessories to buy and tips to follow if you’re looking for gear to help keep your RV cozy during your cold-weather excursions.

Luxury Camping Accessories

Maybe you live in your rig full time and can’t avoid being in a spot where winter means sub-freezing temperatures.

Or maybe you’re the adventurous sort who purposefully strikes out looking for the chill and all of its exciting opportunities.

Either way, these are the camping accessories you need to put on your RV camping supplies list to make your rig feel warm and toasty in the frigid climes.

Space Heaters

Even if your RV’s fully four-season capable and comes with temperature control including a heat pump and furnace, having a few spare space heaters around can help you conserve power or propane. And keep your rig a lot warmer than its onboard system alone.

Plus, with many options for less than $50 on Amazon, they’re a relatively small up-front investment as far as RV camping accessories go…  especially considering how much they can improve the quality of your winter camping trip. No one’s happy when their feet are frozen!

Extra Blankets

It might sound obvious, but if you’re camping in the winter, blankets aren’t a decorative extra — they’re must-have RV camping accessories.

Throw blankets are one of the most useful camping accessories you can get no matter when you’re hitting the road, but during the winter, they provide a way to stay and sleep warm when camping in the winter even without electricity (although you don’t want to rely only on blankets in sub-freezing temperatures!). Another item you shouldn’t leave home without: emergency thermal blankets, which could save your life in case of an emergency.

Cozy Camper RV-Camping Accessories

Of course, keeping your rig warm isn’t all about buying the best accessories. Warmth is one thing — and simply camping in a four-season RV will go a long way toward ensuring you get the warmth you need to stay safe and comfortable. But cozy isn’t just about temperature. It’s a feeling.

From sipping hot cocoa or coffee out of your favorite mug to kicking back and curling up for your favorite wintery movie, Making your RV into a comforting den of warmth and welcome is key to enjoying winter landscapes. Not only will you be comfortable and have a cozy place to rest after a day of exploring, but you’ll also be able to decide to simply skip the chilly hike if you like, and enjoy the wintery view without leaving the couch in the first place.

Getting your camper cozy and comfy is all about figuring out what makes you feel good in your space. Maybe it’s your favorite pair of slippers or a book you reread each winter; maybe you’re one of the brave who venture outside, despite the snow, to sit by the fire. Either way, the right accessories to help you achieve optimum cozy will depend on your personal preferences, but here are a few that might help.

Living Full-time in an RV in Winter

RV in snowy area where mom & kids are sledding

Now, if you live in your rig full time, you might not have as much of a choice about enduring the winter weather. It’s great to aim to travel with the seasons and simply follow the sun, but some of the biggest family gatherings take place during the coldest months of the year, and not everyone’s family retires to Flordia.

But the good news is, if you live in your rig all year round, you can take extra steps to get ready for winter that will help make the process easier each year. For instance, you can invest in extra insulation for your RV’s undercarriage, which will help keep all its components in good, working order throughout a number of winters, and you can also customize your rig’s furniture to make as many soft, comfy spots as possible. For instance, maybe you remove your RV’s dinette set in favor of another sofa or a set of reclining chairs, knowing that during winter weather you’ll want to snuggle more than you’ll want to sit at the table for a formal meal.


The best thing is, when you’re traveling in a rig of your own, it’s all up to you — and all the investments you make and accessories you buy will last you for not just a single winter, but many to come.

No matter where this winter finds you and your motorhome, we hope you find lots of ways to stay warm, both physically and emotionally. After all, despite the cold, and even in some cases because of it, winter is one of the most magical times of the year, a space for renewal, regrowth, and reconnecting with loved ones.

What could possibly be warmer than that?