Boondocking in Connecticut

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Boondocking in Connecticut is one of the least expensive ways to travel through the state. Connecticut draws visitors because of its classic beauty and its extended coastline. In the spring, Connecticut attracts visitors who wish to see the multiple shades of green in the state’s burgeoning deciduous forest. Likewise, others come to see the intense colors that those same forests display during the fall. Connecticut is easy to travel through as the state is crisscrossed with interstates, highways, and county roads. From the northern border with Massachusetts to the southern coast of Connecticut, beautiful panoramic views of farmlands, lazy hills, and boisterous streams greet visitors as they travel. Those who choose to travel east to west along the coast get magnificent ocean views and ample opportunities to stop in quaint beachfront villages or cities. Boondocking is popular in Connecticut because almost anywhere you stop is scenic and relaxing. 

A person with an orange backpack hikes on a trail covered in fallen leaves through Sleeping Giant State Park.

Boondocking Sites in Connecticut

Danbury Welcome Center

The Danbury Welcome Center is the first boondocking opportunity that RV travelers out of New York find in Connecticut. Eastbound travelers easily reach this site by taking Exit 2 off Interstate 84 (I-84). There are plenty of fire pits at picnic areas, and travelers are welcome to take advantage of them. Both the dump station and the overnight stay at this center are free for travelers.

Foxwoods Resort and Casino 24

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino offers 28 free RV overnight sites wide enough to deploy any slide-outs that your RV may support. Located in Mashantucket, CT, this site is only a 50-minute drive from Hartford. When you enter the casino parking lot, a sign points you toward the free RV sites. A phone number is provided to call the “transportation manager” to register your vehicle. Your maximum stay here is 10 days.

Southington Rest Area Eastbound

Southington Rest Area Eastbound allows RV overnight stays just outside the community of Southington, CT. There is a designated area for RVs to park that is easily accessed through the rest area exit off I-84. A dump station is available for RVs to clean their waste tanks upon arrival and before taking off for other destinations.

Mohegan Sun Casino

The Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, is a mere 45-minute drive southeast from Hartford. The casino provides a secured area that is constantly patrolled for RV enthusiasts to stay overnight for a length of up to 10 nights. The security staff leads you to your site, making sure that you are comfortable and that you understand the rules. There is a shuttle that takes about 20 minutes to get you to the casino. Uncasville is close enough to take care of your fresh produce and laundry needs also, so this is a great place to stop. 

Beach Pond Boat Ramp

Boondocking is allowed at the Beach Pond Boat Ramp near Voluntown, CT. The sites lie alongside a 393-acre lake on the border with Rhode Island. If you bring a boat with you, water skiing and other water sports are permitted on the lake. Fishing and hiking are two of the favorite activities at this site. 

Wallingford Rest Area Southbound

Though the Wallingford rest area off Interstate 91 (I-91) lies on both the north and southbound sides of the freeway, only the southbound side offers RV overnight sites. These RV sites are spaced, which allows you to deploy your slide-outs. You can enter, park, and sleep any time of the day. A dump station is available for RV enthusiasts to empty their waste tanks. 

Middletown Rest Area Northbound

For those traveling north on I-91, RV sites are available at the Middletown rest area. Like the sites at the Wallingford rest area, these sites are designated for RV use. Overnight stays are encouraged here, and Middletown is close enough that RV enthusiasts can shop and do their laundry while staying in the rest area. The RV sites are wide, and the rest area facilities, such as restrooms and water fountains, are available. 

Where to Boondock in Connecticut

In Connecticut, because of the absence of national forests, seashores, or other facilities generally available in other states, boondocking often means staying at designated spots in rest areas or public locations specifically named as free camping sites. There are two national trails in Connecticut, but neither of them allows dry camping. There are a few state parks in Connecticut, but they also do not allow boondocking. 

Free Camping in Connecticut

When you are planning your boondocking trip in New England, consult RVshare for any information available about where to boondock in Connecticut. Travelers are welcome to camp for free in Connecticut but only in designated areas. The Connecticut legislature recognizes the necessity for proper sleep while driving through the state and allows boondocking in several rest areas along the major thoroughfares. 

The great thing about taking an RV trip through Connecticut is the comfort and versatility that an RV allows you during your trip. Before you embark, check out our blog for all you need to know about boondocking. Connecticut is an excellent place for you to create those memories so important to families. Boondocking lowers your travel cost and, in Connecticut, lets you get back on the road quickly. When you boondock in a rented RVshare vehicle, you can relax with the knowledge that the RV is ready for the road, so sit back with your family and enjoy a worry-free trip across The Nutmeg State.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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