Best Low-Maintenance Pets That Can RV

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Living in an RV can be an amazing experience for those looking to live and travel where they want, whenever they want.

However, RVs don’t offer much living space to thrive in, so individuals wishing to own pets may think this venture impossible. But it doesn’t have to be.

In reality, a couple of small, low-maintenance pets can adapt quite well to RV life and won’t get in the way of your thirst for adventure.

If you live in an RV and are looking for a low-maintenance addition to your small living space, keep reading to learn about five of the best ones.


Frogs are incredibly low-maintenance pets that many people can describe as “being cute in their own way.”

They don’t need much space, mostly only requiring a 30-gallon tank to live in at the maximum. In addition, they come in tones of different colors and species that can suit anyone from a beginner to an advanced frog owner.

Most adult frogs can go 2-3 weeks without food if their space is kept clean. They prefer a warmer temperature of 68-85℉ with a decent humidity level depending on the species in question.

An easy way to maintain your frog’s humidity and temperature is by installing an Under Tank Heater or heating lamp and misters to keep the humidity up if needed.

Just ensure you constantly measure the temperature levels in your frog’s tank to ensure they don’t exceed their recommended levels to prevent your frog from overheating.


If you don’t think a reptile is the best fit for you as a pet, you can always go with the all-time favorite low-maintenance pet- a hamster!

Hamsters are adorable, furry roommates that are typically very easy to take care of!

You can cuddle with them when you like or simply watch them entertain themselves in their cage if you wish. 

The only things you need for this pet are:

  • A cage (preferably 24″ x 12″)
  • A hideout
  • A running wheel
  • Food
  • Water and a water bottle
  • Toys
  • Bedding

These items are way less expensive than those required for other furry companions such as cats and dogs.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about when keeping this little one is keeping them cool while in the RV. 

Unlike reptiles, hamsters can’t handle the heat for too long and need to stay within moderate air conditioning.

Therefore, if you need to leave the RV off for more than a couple of minutes daily, this pet won’t be the best for you unless you have a way of keeping them cool. 

A bright orange corn snake curled around a branch with green background.


Snakes have been on the rise in popularity as household pets. Luckily, a couple of smaller snake species, such as corn snakes and Western Hognoses, make perfect pets for RVs and beginners!

For smaller snake species, you will usually need a tank that’s a minimum of 20 gallons.

These snakes typically thrive in warmer climates, so 70-85℉ is a comfortable temperature to keep them at. 

However, you should also ensure they have enough shade in their tanks and places to hide.

To maintain their heat, they’ll need a thermometer, heating pad, or heating lamp

Snakes do not have to be fed every single day. They also don’t need to be handled or played with daily, which is a plus for individuals who won’t have the time to.

A man holds a friendly juvenile leopard gecko in his hand.


Another small contender on our list that makes for amazing low-maintenance RV roommates are geckos like the Leopard and Crested Geckos.

These interesting little ones have fascinating personalities and don’t need a lot of interference, considering some species, like the Crested Gecko, are nocturnal.

Geckos typically require a 20 to 30-gallon tank, depending on the species.

They require a basking area that’s 75-90℉ during the day, so a heating lamp is recommended. The heating lamp can be turned off or kept on at night, depending on the species.

Our Best Pick– Geckos!

Although all of these animals can make for perfect RV pets, Geckos have to be our best pick out of the bunch.

Their interesting personalities, minimal requirements, and easy setup are similar to some of the other reptiles on this list. 

Unlike other reptiles who may not like being handled, some gecko species love to be held and cuddled from time to time.

They also won’t easily overheat in the RV as a hamster would.

These adorable nocturnal reptiles may work well for someone who has things to do during the day but all the time in the world at night to take some time with their pet.


Living in an RV with pets can be dicey; however, some low-maintenance pet species can thrive in your small setup. Frogs, chameleons, snakes, geckos, and hamsters can all make perfect additions to the family.

These pets are usually housed in cages or tanks that can easily be fitted to your RVs size and are mostly inexpensive compared to pets like cats or dogs.

If you want a new pet for your RV, give these recommendations a look and see which low-maintenance pet would be perfect for you!

This article has been contributed by Nigel Robert. Nigel is a lifelong reptile lover, biologist and wildlife consultant. He has kept many reptile species including Leopard Geckos and Ball Pythons and has had hundreds of encounters with wild species.