9 Free Road Trip Apps for Your RVing Vacation

When it comes to summer vacations, road trips can be hit or miss. That is, they have the most potential to fall apart right after they begin. Instead of a character building and family bonding trip, they can quickly devolve into disaster. But, if you take pre-emptive steps, this can be prevented.

How is this possible? Check out the following list of helpful FREE apps that can keep your family trip from unraveling right before your eyes.

1. Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy app helps you easily find the best gas prices in town. Simply check the handy map and drive your way to savings. Available from the Apple Store of Goggle Play.

2. Roadtrippers

This app allows you to take the road less traveled. It helps you find unique attractions and businesses and allows you to create and save a customized, more adventurous, vacation route. Available from the Apple store or Google Play.

3. OpenTable



This app helps you make dinner reservations even if you are three states away and stuck in traffic. It allows you to search for available restaurants by rating, cuisine, and price. Restaurants that use this service often provide photos, menus, and more. This data will help you can make an informed decision. Available from the Apple Store or Goggle Play.

4. Field Trip

This is a Google App that will alert you any locations that are fit for exploring. These include interesting architectural structures, historical sites, entertainment venues, etc. The app will let you know about all the interesting places in your vicinity. It will also personalize recommendations based on your preferences. Available from the Google Play Store.

5. BatteryGuru

If your mobile phone has battery related issues, this app can help. It will take a few days to “learn” how you use smartphone. This info helps the app create a unique battery optimization plan for you. This will make sure that your battery lasts for a longer period of time. Available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

6. Project Noah

This discovery app is perfect for science lovers. All you have to do is upload a picture of an interesting specimen. After you’ve made note of your location, the app will document your find and upload the information in the big science experiment known as Project Noah. The app also allows you to see any recent documentations that are close to your area. You can even filter this information based on the things that interest you. Available from the Apple Store.

7. Sky Map

This educational app helps you search for stars. It uses compass data and GPS data to pinpoint your location. Then it uses the date and time to display the constellations and planets that can be seen from where you are. Available from the Apple Store or Goggle Play.

8. Postagram

Postagram is perfect if you want like keep your loved ones informed about the status of your road trip. This app will send personalized postcards to anyone you wish in the United States for $.99. All you have to do is take the picture and write the message. The app will do the rest. Available from the Apple Store or Goggle Play.

9. The Traveler

This scrapbook app is compatible with the latest version of Google Maps. It is perfect for family vacations. It allows you to document, organize, and store videos and photos of your trip. Available from the Goggle Play store.

Have you ever used any of these apps? How did you feel about them? Are there any apps that I missed? Leave your comments in the section below.

What do you think?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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