6 Tips for Staying Grounded While on the Road with Vanna Mae

Published on March 1st, 2022

When traveling, it comes with the responsibility to choose your own adventure. And that level of freedom, at times, can be overwhelming. So many unknowns can happen in a blink of an eye. Things can change in an instant no matter how much you prepare. 

Being solo on the road has taught me that unexpected things can and will happen. I learned that it’s valuable to know how to keep calm when life happens. In this article, I want to share some of the ways I keep grounded when traveling.

woman enjoying tea in an rv

1. Have a routine

Taking time to make a consistent routine or ritual, no matter how big or small can have a positive impact on how your day will flow. For me, making tea or coffee throughout the day for myself is my daily practice. I sit and enjoy the process and treat it like a meditation. It gives me a chance to pause, check in with myself, and relax before and after starting my day. That small routine I do for myself gives me something to look forward to every day.

tea set

2. Take time in each place

When you have a time frame, it can feel tempting to squeeze everything in with limited time. Or get a case of FOMO when you see everyone taking epic pictures and feeling like you’re missing everything. I notice when I try to do a lot and don’t pace myself, I end up feeling more anxious and spend more time driving or in my mind rather than enjoying the experience. 

I remind myself It’s okay to slow down and take my time. You don’t have to see everything to have a great experience. Sometimes just finding one slice of heaven is all that it takes. Learning my limits and not pushing or adding too much to my plate gives me more time to have fun and make the most of where I am. 

When I travel, I give myself a couple of days to relax and flexibility to stay longer if I need to. The ideal is to spend at least a week in one spot to soak it all in. And the best part is if the place I’m in isn’t feeling good or I’m ready to move on, I have the freedom to go to the next spot and find a place.

3. Be in the moment

With social media giving us this pressure to document every moment, it can sometimes take away from the experience. I will at times, intentionally put my phone away to take in the moment with my eyes and seal that memory. I feel better not always being on my phone during a beautiful hike to recharge, or hanging out with friends under a campfire. Being able to live in the moment and let all your senses come alive is what life is about.

sea and rocks

4. Bring your hobbies with you

When life gets to be too much, it’s nice to have hobbies and activities with you that can relax you and take your mind off stress. Making time for those activities is vital, whether that’s painting, reading, playing video games, kayaking or even rock climbing, make sure to have those things that make you relax and recharge with you. It can help you on days when you might feel bored or have the itch to do something different. 

5. Let go of control

The biggest lesson I learned on the road is letting go of control. Things are going to happen, whether we want them to or not. Things break, plans change, unforeseen things happen. The only thing I have control over is how I react to these unexpected problems or situations.

When things break in my RV or a schedule shift changes, it’s important to take a step back and realize there is a solution for everything. Breathing through the rough moments and accepting them as they come, and knowing I can fix this always puts me in a better headspace. Seeing failures and setbacks as an opportunity to learn, helps put things into perspective. 

woman standing next to rv with mountains in the distance

6. Set boundaries

Whether it’s with family, friends, loved ones, or even strangers, a big part of staying grounded is checking in with yourself and setting boundaries. If you need some time to relax and recharge with no interruptions, do that for yourself. If you need a moment to think, step away and take that moment for yourself, do that. You can’t please everyone at every moment and it’s not your responsibility to do so. Out of respect and self-love for yourself and to others (they won’t have to see you grumpy or upset), listen to yourself first and say no if you need to. It’s okay to say no and to do things when they align better.

I hope these ideas inspire you to find ways to ground yourself. If you have any other ideas, comments, or advice, I’d love to hear from you. 

About the author: Vanna Mae is a visual artist and influencer, traveling around the country in her 19ft Class C RV with her cat Indigo. Keep up with their adventures on Instagram @vannamaeart and on YouTube.

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