10 Reasons To Go RVing in 2021

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With a new year beginning, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that 2020 is behind us. That said, the pandemic won’t just disappear with the new year, and that means we will need to continue finding ways to live, work, and play safely. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to go about this, meaning we can live happy and fulfilling lives while still making our health and the health of others a top priority.

One of the things people miss most about their pre-pandemic lives is travel. Many feel there is just no way to continue to go on travel adventures while still maintaining social distancing protocol. Fortunately, this really isn’t true. The answer? RV travel!

Below are 10 reasons you’ll want to hop on the RV bandwagon and take a trip with a travel trailer or motorhome in 2021.

Interior of an RV

Social Distancing Friendly

As we all know, because of the pandemic, it’s best to spend as little time as possible around other people in order to avoid spreading the virus. The fact that traveling and staying in an RV allows you to do just that is the number one reason we believe everyone should plan an RV trip in the upcoming year.

Here are several ways RVing is social distancing friendly:

#1: Avoid Sharing Bathrooms

We all know how dirty a public bathroom can be. In some cases, visiting a public restroom is just asking to get sick. Clearly, you don’t want to be sick right now, so it’s best to avoid public restrooms entirely. Fortunately, an RV allows you to do this by giving you the opportunity to take your own private restroom with you wherever you go.

#2: Cook Your Own Meals

Eating in restaurants is also not recommended right now, and many of us don’t want others handling our food anyway. When you travel in an RV, you can skip eating out and instead cook your own meals in the tiny kitchen you have on board. Whether you prefer salads, grilled meats, pasta dishes, or baked goods, you’ll be able to create exactly what you want while on the road.

#3: Sleep in the Same Bed

Sleeping in hotel room beds when you’re unsure who was in them the night before is also a bit risky, especially if you’ll be hopping from one hotel room to the next, raising the chances of coming across the COVID-19 virus. Staying in an RV lessens this risk greatly by allowing you to sleep in the same bed for your entire trip, no matter how many places you stay.

Hiking with mountain in background

Stay Healthy in Nature

Most people who head out on an RV adventure do so to get out into nature. This is fabulous because spending time in nature is so good for your mental and physical health. Obviously, this is a great benefit anytime; however, it’s even more beneficial in 2021 when we should all stay as healthy as possible.

Learn how spending time in nature helps keep your healthy and happy:

#4: Stay Away From People

As mentioned above, staying away from people is key to ensuring you avoid getting the coronavirus. By choosing outdoor activities, you can very easily socially distance while still having a great time.

#5: Soak Up Some Sun

Vitamin D is necessary for the immune system to work properly. Unfortunately, many Americans are vitamin D deficient. Since getting sunshine is the best way to absorb vitamin D into your body, spending time outside can actually strengthen your immune system, helping you stay healthy all year long.

#6: Breathe Fresh Air

Fresh air is incredibly beneficial to your health. It can help clear your mind and relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and can even help you heal faster if you’re under the weather. Since you’ll get plenty of this while RV camping, you will get to take full advantage of these benefits.

#7: Care for Your Mental Health

Finally, there is your mental health to think about. Being stuck inside and isolated from the rest of the world for months at a time isn’t good for anyone. Getting outside, exploring nature, and moving around are all wonderful for your mental health and might just be the things that keep you sane during this trying time.

RV parked in woods

Plenty of Adventure

Finally, we must address the adventure aspect of RVing. After being stuck at home so much of the time for the past several months, you’re likely longing for adventure. Fortunately, RVing provides plenty of that.

Here are a few ways RVing offers amazing adventures that are just perfect for 2021:

#8: Stay in the USA

Traveling outside of our country is difficult right now. Many countries are not allowing US citizens across their borders, and traveling by plane isn’t advisable anyway. Traveling via RV allows you to avoid air travel and keeps you in the good ol’ US of A while still allowing you to have adventures and a good time.

#9: See Bucket-List National Parks

Many of us spend our whole lives hoping to visit some of our country’s most beautiful national parks. What better time to check these out than during lockdown when many other activities are off-limits? Whether you’re longing to see Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, hopping in an RV allows you to see those bucket-list locations safely and comfortably.

#10: Roam Off the Beaten Path

The final benefit of traveling via RV is the fact that this type of travel allows you to meander. You can roam off the beaten path, knowing you’ll be able to sleep and eat in comfort that night no matter where you end up. This gives you the opportunity to be more adventurous, something we could all use after being on lockdown.

As you can see, RVing is the ideal way to get out of the house and do some traveling in 2021. It allows you to maintain social distancing and get healthy in nature while still having some amazing adventures. Why not book your rental RV today so you can hit the road sooner rather than later?