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Bangs Canyon OHV Trails

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for 1 in every 10 acres of land in the U.S.

The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, protects hundreds of diverse, scenic natural sites, mostly in the western United States, and one of them is the Bangs Canyon OHV Trails area. Located just south of Grand Junction, CO, the site provides the perfect destination for adventurous off-highway vehicle (OHV) riders. Although the Bang Canyon OHV Trails BLM site doesn't have a developed campground, BLM camping is a popular activity in the area. BLM campsites are particularly attractive to outdoor enthusiasts because they're well-kept and inexpensive.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

Hiking and BikingHiking and Biking

Liberty Cap Short Hike

The Liberty Cap Short Hike is a moderate out-and-back trail near Grand Junction. Hikers and trail runners alike enjoy this quiet, scenic trail. The area is mostly open and offers some breathtaking views of the surrounding canyons and plains. Note that the Liberty Cap Short Hike is at the Colorado National Monument, which requires a fee to enter.

Length: 3 miles

Intensity: Moderate

Mica Mines Trail

Another lovely hike in the Grand Junction area is the Mica Mines trail, which is suitable for just about anyone, regardless of skill level. The rocky area is covered in beautiful wildflowers and other vegetation. Because it's a fairly short and easy trail to navigate, it tends to be pretty busy during peak times. Hikers are welcome to bring their dogs with them, but they must keep them leashed.

Length: 2.6 miles

Intensity: Easy

Connected Lakes Trail

Located at nearby Connected Lakes State Park, the Connected Lakes Trail will take you on a pleasant hike around several peaceful bodies of water. The trail isn't strenuous; visitors of all ability levels can enjoy a quiet stroll through picturesque scenery. While walking or running the trail, keep your eyes open for interesting birds and local wildlife.

Length: 2.5 miles

Intensity: Easy

Fishing & Boating

Visitors to Bangs Canyon OHV Trails BLM site have numerous nearby fishing spots to choose from. One excellent choice is the Colorado River, which features calm waters perfect for angling. Largemouth bass, rainbow trout, catfish, black crappie, and walleye are just a few of the fish you might reel in on the river. Other good fishing destinations in the area include the Connected Lakes and the Vega Reservoir. As for boating, the Colorado River is also the perfect place for a day of paddleboarding, kayaking, tubing, or floating.


The Greater Grand Junction area features quite a few great places for rock climbing. Perhaps the best destination is Unaweep Canyon, which boasts over 2,300 different climbing routes. The routes at the site offer a variety of difficulties and types of climbing, with everything from multi-pitch trad routes to bolted sport-climbing routes. Additionally, there are plenty of excellent bouldering opportunities in the area.

Wildlife ViewingWildlife Viewing

If you're near the Bangs Canyon OHV Trails area and searching for wildlife observation opportunities, head west to the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. There, you'll find the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness, which is home to many remarkable species. Mountain lions, deer, and desert bighorn sheep roam the area's canyons. Be sure to check the skies as well — bald and golden eagles are both spotted regularly there.


While there are undoubtedly many pleasant places to enjoy a picnic near the BLM site, you may not find any tables or shelters on-site. You'll likely want to bring along a picnic blanket and be ready to hunt down the perfect spot to lay it out. The Gunnison River lies a short distance north, so consider selecting a quiet area near the riverbank to enjoy your snack or meal.

OHV Riding

Off-roaders flock to Bangs Canyon OHV Trails. The site features thousands of acres of trails. Visitors will find single-track motorcycle trails, ATV trails, rock-crawling Jeep trails, and four-wheel-drive roads. Riders can explore canyons, plateaus, slick rock, and breathtaking scenery in every direction. With so many trails to choose from, riders of all experience and skill levels will find plenty of fun.


Bureau of Land Management Camping

RV Camping Caravan Icon

The Bangs Canyon OHV Trails area doesn't feature any Bureau of Land Management campgrounds, but visitors will find plenty of nearby opportunities for RV camping. Of the many nearby options, a couple of quality choices are the Grand Junction KOA Holiday and the Canyon View RV Resort. Both sites offer RV camping with full hookups as well as numerous amenities and conveniences. You can search for "BLM camping near me" to find more options for camping wherever you go in your RV.

Free Camping Campground Icon

For anyone seeking Bureau of Land Management free camping, there are many places in the area where setting up a dispersed campsite is feasible. The forested, mountainous region to the southwest of the BLM site offers plenty of suitable areas in addition to several established campgrounds that only require a minimal fee.

RV Rentals Near Bangs Canyon OHV Trails Plan your next adventure

Planning Your Trip

Credit: Vanna Mae, @vannamaeart

Planning your Bangs Canyon OHV Trails BLM trip

If you're planning to make use of the off-roading trails at the Bangs Canyon BLM site, remember to verify that your vehicle meets the requirements for the area. To partake in any off-roading, make sure your vehicle has either a Colorado OHV sticker or a Colorado non-resident OHV permit. When riding, make sure you stay on the designated trails and follow any posted rules.

If you require modern camping, lodging, or any supplies like food or equipment, your best bet is the nearby city of Grand Junction, located only a few miles north of the BLM site. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about BLM camping.

Leave No Trace Leaf

The BLM is counting on visitors like you to help keep Bangs Canyon OHV Trails clean and in good condition. Please make an effort to minimize your impact on the site by thoroughly cleaning up after yourself, leaving everything in nature the way you discovered it, and treating anyone you encounter— whether wildlife or other humans — with respect. If you do any primitive BLM RV camping in the area, make sure that you only put up a campsite on durable land. Burning campfires is acceptable, but make sure to keep them safely contained.

Leave No Trace

Bangs Canyon OHV Trails Location

To reach the Bangs Canyon OHV Trails from Grand Junction, head south on Little Park Road and follow it for 5.3 miles. You should see a left turn with signs for the Bangs Canyon Trailhead. After turning, the destination will be on your left.

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