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RVing has increasingly become a popular and convenient way of traveling, enabling you to carry everything you might need, while even enjoying a host of amenities at upscale campgrounds. Beyond the convenience, RV traveling with a travel trailer can also give you the opportunity to hit the road at a much lower cost than staying in a hotel or even motel.

Travel trailers are available in a number of different sizes and types to suit your specific needs. When looking for RV travel trailers for rent, here's a few things to keep in mind.

What to Consider when Looking for Travel Trailers to Rent

Budget is a big consideration for most people, so begin by thinking about how much you can afford to spend. Some research can give you a good idea of the going rental rates for travel trailers. Think about the number of nights you plan to spend on the road, along with the number of miles you plan to travel during your trip.

Most travel trailers will have a per-night rate and a fee to use the generator over a certain number of hours per day. Naturally, you should expect rental prices to increase based on the season. RV rental rates are typically highest during peak vacation months, such as during the summer. Rates also vary based on the size, type, and condition of the travel trailer you rent.

Keep in mind that in addition to the per-night charge, you may also be required to pay a deposit to cover any damage that may be incurred. Be sure you understand any and all upfront charges as well as any charges you might face later for not only possible damages but also propane and generator charges. You certainly don’t want to face any unpleasant surprises when you return the travel trailer after your trip.

Available Travel Trailers for Rent

When you’re going to rent travel trailers, you need to know what types are available. You also need to make sure your vehicle has a sufficient amount of towing capacity. You’ll need a strong enough hitch installed on your vehicle as well as an electronic brake controller. If you don’t already have those things, you’ll need to purchase or rent them and attach them before your trip.

Fifth-wheel travel trailers feature two different levels. These types of travel trailers are towed behind your vehicle using a special hitch that must be installed in the bed of your pickup truck. Other options for travel trailers include folding campers, which are also sometimes known as pop-up trailers. The benefit of folding campers is that they can be collapsed for easy storage and towing.

Sport-Utility Recreational Vehicles, sometimes known as toy haulers or SURVs, feature storage space in the back that can be used for ATVs or even extra living space. Expandable trailers feature ends that can open to provide increased camping space.

Regardless of the type of travel trailer rentals you're looking for, you’ll find that most offer a number of amenities, such as air-conditioning, heating, a full kitchen with a stove, oven, and fridge, bathtub, shower, toilet, and television. Depending on the type of travel trailer you choose to rent, sleeping accommodations may be made available with a queen bed, booth dinette that converts into a bed, sleeper sofa, or even bunk beds.

Small Travel Trailers for Rent

If it’s just you or you’re traveling with only one or two other people, you might be looking for small travel trailers to rent. If you don’t need a lot of space, a pop-up travel trailer could be a good option for helping you to get out on the road without towing a larger trailer behind your vehicle. You might also find that a small travel trailer is easier to tow and could be much less expensive to rent than a larger travel trailer, such as a fifth-wheel.

Travel Trailers for Rent by Owner

Finding travel trailers to rent isn't nearly as difficult as it once was. In addition to RV dealerships that rent out motorhomes and travel trailers, you can also rent travel trailers directly from owners. In fact, the concept of RVshare is growing in popularity, providing benefits for both RV owners as well as those looking to rent. The benefit to renting directly from the owner is that he or she will be very familiar with the travel trailer and can help you to understand how to operate it so you don’t have any problems.

When renting directly from the owner, expect to pay around $150 a night for a fully loaded travel trailer, though you can certainly shop around and find a decent model for under $100 a night. No matter which model you rent, you shouldn't have any trouble enjoying your trip with a host of luxuries.

Tips to Consider when Picking Up your Travel Trailer

Before you finalize the rental agreement, make arrangement to inspect the trailer in person. Take a tour of the living space and make sure you understand everything that's included as well as how all equipment works. Ask questions such as:

  • How do I hitch and un-hitch the trailer properly?
  • Where are the wastewater and sewage tanks emptied, and how do I use the flush system?
  • How and when is the generator run?

Before you head out onto the open road, keep in mind that driving as well as maneuvering and backing up with a travel trailer will take some practice. This is particularly true if you plan to travel solo and won’t have a partner who can help guide you into a parking spot or your campsite.

Travel trailers rentals provide a number of huge benefits, including the convenience of having your own vehicle for quick transportation, which can give you more flexibility when exploring your destinations.

Compared to motorhome rentals, travel trailers also tend to provide greater fuel savings. Since they offer more living space than a camper that fits onto your truckbed, travel trailers are often a good option if you’re traveling with kids or taking a longer journey.