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RV rental summer vacations are an ideal way to break away from your everyday routines at home. During the summertime, you will find that there are many enjoyable festivals, outdoor concerts, and farmers' markets that you could enjoy while traveling in an RV. The summer months usually boast weather that is ideal for driving and spending time outdoors at a campsite.

RV Rental Summer Vacations

Renting an RV for summer travel should be done well in advance of your planned departure date. Since the summer months of the year are popular for vacationing, the top RVs may be booked months in advance. You may need to make your reservations at least one month ahead of when you want to take your RV rental on family vacations.

If you start your search earlier, you will have plenty of time to compare RV rental July quotes. The time of the year that you rent an RV plays a considerable role in the price that you will pay. RV owners generally set their rates based on demand; however, some are willing to negotiate. 

If you want to rent an RV for traveling during the Independence Day holiday, plan to pay somewhat more than you would if you chose to travel later in the month. RV campsites also tend to fill up more quickly during the holidays, so you will need to make your Independence Day reservation well in advance or arrive early in the day for a first come, first served campsite. Consider looking at different sizes and types of RVs, which could increase your ability to get the dates that you want for your rental vehicle.

When comparing RV rental July quotes, you might be able to save money by being flexible with your departure date. If you want to enjoy the 4th of July on your vacation, consider a departure date of June 29 or 30 and a return date a few days after Independence Day. This might allow you to beat the rush of 4th of July highway travel and arrive at your campsite with plenty of time to spare.

Best July Travel Destinations

There are many great places to travel to in the U.S. during the month of July. If you are looking for cheap places to travel in July, consider the northern parts of the Great Lakes states, such as Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has ample state park land and campsites, along with beautiful places to relax, go fishing, watch birds or go for swims in the lake waters.

You might also consider a summertime trip to the hills and mountains of New England. There are many affordable campgrounds throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Furthermore, the small towns are replete with farmers' markets where you can pick up fresh produce, eggs and meats for grilling on your campfire or cooking in your RV's kitchen.

The National Parks Service also operates cheap places to travel in July. If you are a student or a senior citizen, you can pick up a discounted annual National Parks Service Pass that will reduce the nightly or weekly cost of parking at an NPS campsite. You could visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and explore its expansive trail system, taking in the verdant views of the rolling slopes.

RV Rental July Events

Independence Day firework shows and parades are not the only fun things that you can enjoy when traveling in an RV in July. With RV rental July weather in your favor, you could travel to Alabama and take in the Grand Bay Watermelon Festival, which happens each year on July 3 and 4. The event features plenty of watermelon-based foods and drinks, along with a classic car show, dancing, midway games, live music and a parade.

You could also take a long trip and pay a visit to Alaska, taking a scenic route through the Pacific Northwest and Canadian prairies to get to your destination. The Copper River Wild Salmon Festival in Cordova, Alaska, features salmon cooking demonstrations, a beer garden, live bands and festival food. 

Summertime in Alaska also gives you the opportunity to see some of the state's natural beauty and wildlife. Since the weather will be more agreeable, you could spend days and evenings with your family and friends outdoors near a campfire.

RV Rental July Fireworks

Independence Day RV rental deals are available, but you will need to look early and secure your reservation. On the other hand, you might find some last-minute deals that become available if the owner changes his or her plans. To increase your likelihood of finding affordable Independence Day RV rental deals, consider being flexible about pickup locations and amenities.

When you are planning to use an RV rental to see the July fireworks, do some research in advance about the shows and festivities. Some cities, such as Columbus, Ohio, actually have their fireworks on July 3 in the downtown area so that the suburbs can have theirs on Independence Day. This allows residents and visitors to attend multiple shows. 

You might also consider whether there are any 4th of July travel warnings, such as high fire risks because of a lack of rain or the presence of high winds. Just in case a city has to cancel its plans to do a fireworks show, you might want to have an alternate destination or activity in mind. For example, some communities offer a laser lights show in lieu of fireworks when the environmental conditions are not permissible with a safe fireworks display.