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Rent a RV For a Family Vacation – RV Vacation Destinations

You’ve been waiting all year for this, saving up your money and vacation time. Now, vacation has finally come. Will you fly to an exotic locale or go on a cross-country road trip? If you’re dreaming of exploring each and every corner of the United States, you should look into renting an RV for vacation. RV rentals are easy and affordable. You’ll experience freedom in the truest sense of the word: you can pack up and go anywhere at any time! Let’s take a look at what to expect with RV rentals for vacation, so you can get started planning!

How to Rent a RV for Vacation

Perhaps you have a friend who has rented an RV before, or maybe you know nothing about it and are wondering how to rent an RV for vacation. Fortunately, renting an RV is a fairly simple, straightforward process. Essentially, there are three ways you can rent an RV for vacation:

  • Through a large chain company, like Cruise America.
  • From a local privately-owned business.
  • Through a peer-to-peer network, like RVshare.

Regardless of which type of company you choose; the rental processes will be similar. You’ll pick out an RV that suits your family’s needs, pay a deposit to reserve the RV, then get a walkthrough when you pick it up. However, that’s where the similarities end. Each company has different pricing structures, rules, and features. There are pros and cons to each option:

  • Big chain companies have locations throughout the nation, so they’re a great choice if you’re looking for one-way rentals. They also offer factory delivery specials once in a while. However, their RVs aren’t always in the best shape, since they’re constantly being rented and driven. There are also occasional complaints of hidden fees and subpar customer service.
  • Privately-owned businesses are usually on the smaller side. Many are family-owned. Customers usually love local RV rental services because they get warm and friendly customer service, from people who genuinely care about the experience. The only drawback to local businesses is that they often have a limited inventory of RVs.
  • Peer-to-peer networks are a different take on RV rental services. A P2P network is an online marketplace where owners and buyers connect. You’ll be able to search for vacation RV rentals by owner and work directly with them. P2P networks are nationwide, so you’ll find just about any type of RV, anywhere in the U.S. What’s more; owners tend to take better care of their RVs, and price them lower than other rental services.

What Does an RV Vacation Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to budget for your RV vacation costs. As with any vacation, the cost will depend heavily on the time of year and length of your trip. When renting an RV, there are several factors that determine the cost of a rental:

  • The type of RV you rent. The bigger and newer the RV, the more expensive the daily base rate will be.
  • The season. Rates during peak vacation times (late spring through early fall) are more expensive.
  • The duration of your trip. Most RV rental services have a minimum. You’ll often see discounts for longer rental periods, especially if it’s during the workweek.
  • Damage deposits and reservation fees. Reservation fees go toward the overall rental cost; whereas damage deposits are usually refundable.
  • Mileage and generator limits. The majority of RV rental companies allow you a certain number of miles per day. If you go over, you’ll have to pay a fee. Some companies also charge you per hourly use of the generator.
  • Insurance fees. Many RV rentals include the price of liability insurance, but you’ll also need auto insurance. You can either purchase this separately or in some cases, through the company for a fee.
  • Optional features, like linens and kitchen supplies.

When researching RV rental companies, you may want to set up a spreadsheet to compare the different prices. You may have to do a little digging (i.e. read the fine print) to figure out additional fees for each company. 

Popular RV Vacation Destinations

RV vacations are unlike any other experience because you have the ability to go anywhere there are roads! Whether you’re a hiker looking for a challenging mountain trail or a beach bum searching for the softest sands, your RV will serve as your home base while you’re on the hunt. Why not include one of these top RV vacation destinations on your itinerary?

  • Yellowstone National Park – What’s not to love about Yellowstone? It was the first National Park in the U.S., famous for its geysers, waterfalls, and of course, its active volcanic caldera. If you and your kids are fans of wildlife, Yellowstone is a no-brainer. Aside from the herds of bison and elk roaming the park, there are hundreds of other species of animal to observe. There are five RV parks inside Yellowstone, only one of which has hookups, so make your reservations early! Otherwise, you’ll have to camp without hookups at one of the other parks.
  • Redwood National Park – Camp among towering ancient redwood trees in one of the most majestic forests on earth. Redwood National Park encompasses not just the forest; but also the surrounding prairies, rivers, and coastline. Obviously, you’ll want to have your camera ready at all times. There are four developed campgrounds inside the park. None of them have hookups, but they do have on-site facilities, like showers and fire pits.
  • Gulf State Park – Alabama’s Gulf Coast is truly a sight to behold. With more than 6,000 acres of land and two miles of beaches, Gulf State Park is one of the top destinations for beachgoers. Nature lovers can horseback ride or hike through the Park’s trail system, or spend the day fishing along the coast or in one of the many freshwater bodies. The Park has nearly 500 campsites with hookups, all just over a mile from the beach.

Experience the Vacation of Your Dreams

The truth is, though, it doesn’t really matter where you go - renting an RV for a family vacation is a reward in itself. You’ll cherish the experiences and memories of the nomadic life, even if it’s just for a few days. Roll down your windows, put on some tunes, and hit the road! Happy trails!