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With KOA's business focus on groups, families, and customer loyalty, it is easy to find helpful KOA RV rental deals. KOA honors special days like Father's Day, offers special "children come in free days" on some weekends, and rewards repeat customers with free days and discounts. You can visit the desired location in advance; you can view the selection of sites, RVs, and campers before making reservations.

The Kampgrounds of America posts their familiar yellow signs at their locations, and people in nearly every part of the country can say "I found a KOA RV rental near me." Kampground of America locations border national parks, forests, landmarks, and natural features. Many are close to cities, entertainment destinations, and attractions. 

KOA RV Rental Reviews

Many reviews point to the cleanliness and upkeep at KOA campgrounds. Another popular topic is the outstanding customer service from the well-trained and attentive staff. Satisfied reviewers frequently commented on the price and value of their KOA RV rental deals. 

KOA RV rental prices depend on the season, site, and the amenities. Each location sets prices based on demand, seasonal costs, and the level of services. You can get lower prices during offseason or low-demand periods. 

Some types of sites have limited availability. Some locations may have special large lots. The top prices are often for full-featured sites that have RVs or campers included in the costs. 

KOA RV rental reviews consistently point to the friendliness of the staff. While the subject is camping, the customers also remember the way they felt when dealing with requests and getting assistance. The positive feelings in the reviews show that customers enjoyed their experiences at KOA.

RV rental locations offer RVs on-site for rent. There are a limited number of locations that offer this service; you should call ahead to your desired locations to reserve these accommodations. KOA offers popular RVs and campers at prices set by each location.

Groups get special benefits at KOA. The expansive campsites can accommodate RV gatherings and special occasions like family reunions. The experienced and friendly staff at Kampgrounds of America can organize accommodations, equipment, furnishings, and activities for groups.

KOA Campground Monthly Rates

KOA can accommodate the customer's choice of stay. You can rent a camper for a week or longer. KOA offers rates for the month, season, or longer. 

Whether you're escaping the cold winter in the north or you need to stay in one location for work, you can save and get additional benefits with KOA campground monthly rates. The thoughtful staff can provide activities and events for groups on extended stays.

KOA locations offer year-round services. The demands on the equipment vary substantially between the warm and cold seasons. The cold seasons are often the low-demand and low-price parts of the year and offer uncrowded conditions for a refreshing change of pace.

Campgrounds With On-Site RV Rentals

Kampgrounds of America offers a wide array of RV site options to suit the budget, preferences, and level of comfort for clients. The campgrounds with on-site RV rentals have campers and RVs.

Kampgrounds of America locations that offer RV rental often use modern versions of classic models. The unique styles and shapes of these American classics add to the adventure of the stay. While offering most of the comforts of home, you can experience a style from a bygone era.

On-site rentals are ready for occupancy on the lots with the basic amenities for a great stay. They include electric hookup, sewers, water, showers, and appliances. Full-featured sites offer 50-30-20-amp electric hookups and Wi-Fi.

Patrons who build user points can get additional savings on KOA campgrounds rates. You can rent a camper for a week, a month, or for an extended stay. The loyalty discounts can multiply the savings. 

RV Parks and Campgrounds

Depending on location, campgrounds offer great activities for guests. These include fishing, hiking, biking, nature trails, and horseback riding. Guests can select sites from available vacancies to get their preferences for location, amenities, and features.

KOA builds sites with the idea of maximizing the potential for the customer. Sites can offer shade, quiet isolation, or closeness to the common facilities for convenience. At KOA, guests can use site selection customize their experience.

Kampgrounds of America offers full-service RV parks and campgrounds. The standard campground features include play areas, shaded lots, common space pavilions, and rest areas. Some KOA locations offer swimming pools. 

Many KOA locations are near national parks, lakes, rivers, and waterways. The nearby natural features add to the things one can do while enjoying a camping vacation. KOA campgrounds often maintain lists and information on nearby activities and entertainment destinations. 

KOA RV Rental Prices

The KOA campgrounds with trailer rentals can give a family or group the experience of RV living at a fraction of the costs of ownership and insurance. Many customers return yearly to spend their vacations in the familiar surroundings of KOA park locations. At KOA campgrounds, the entire family can find the outdoor fun and adventure that they seek.

Full-featured RV rental locations have ready-to-use sites. They have pots and pans, cooking utensils, dining ware, and tables and chairs. The modern RVs sleep four guests easily, and some have flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi.

Reviewers often comment after their first experience in these compact modern classics that there was a surprising number of items in a small interior space. The efficient interior design provides an essential part of the experience of living in a portable home. 

Customers should check for advertised specials and grand-opening features. Some properties offer specials to introduce the addition of stylish RVs or new facilities like a large swimming pool.