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One of the best parts of traveling by RV is how much space it gives you. As you know if you’ve done much travel in your life, having room to stretch out can be a great luxury. That’s why RV traveling is perfect for families, as well as those among us who simply don’t relish the idea of cramming ourselves into a metal tube filled with strangers -- even if flying is the safest and fastest form of travel.

If you’ve ever piled the family into the car for a lengthy drive, you know how much fun a road trip can be… but also how much of a pain it can become. Forget about trying to synch up pit stops for snacks of the bathroom. It starts with the simple logistics of finding space in your vehicle for your whole family, not to mention your whole family’s stuff.

So now that you’re ready to move past the cramped world of regular road tripping, it’s time to try camping in a big RV! That way, you’ll have ample room not just for all your favorite things, but for all your favorite people -- and all their favorite things, too.

Why Big RV Rentals are Better

Even if it’s just you and your spouse -- or even if you’re traveling solo -- a big RV is one of the very best ways to see the world. It’s more affordable than road tripping and staying in hotel rooms at every stop along your route, but offers a similar level of comfort. In fact, it might even be more comfortable, since you’ll be sleeping in the same bed night after night, developing a sense of home.

Plus, big RVs can actually help you save money. Yes, it might cost more to gas them up since weightier vehicles generally have poorer fuel economy. But a big RV means you’ll have the space to cook more healthy meals at “home”, or stretch out and enjoy a glass of wine or a movie in instead of spending money going out every night of your trip.

Finally, a big RV makes your whole family feel more comfortable and at ease, since everyone has enough space. This can help reduce the tension you’ve doubtless felt on family road trips in cars or even smaller recreational vehicles, which makes for more enjoyable trip.

And after all, it’s a vacation. Enjoying it is the point, right?

Where to Find Big RV Rentals

If you’re not quite ready to foot the bill of buying a big RV of your own, you’ll need to find one for rent instead. Fortunately, there are many ways to go about this.

Most RV rental dealerships offer RVs in a variety of sizes, from modest campervans (cool, but maybe not your style) to giant fifth wheels with several slide outs. You could even rent a bus!

If you want to get the biggest motorhome available, you’ll need to look for a Class A with slide outs. You could also try to find trailer style RVs for rent. Since they don’t have to devote room to a cockpit, they tend to have more living space.

In order to find big RVs for rent, you’ll need to do research and see what’s available in your area. You might find a local dealership that offers good prices on big RV rentals, even if you choose the biggest model they have available.

But many dealerships don’t offer the largest RVs available on the market as rental vehicles. For instance, when I search for a big RV rental near me in my small town in northeastern Florida, the local dealership that comes up specifies that it generally only rents the smaller Class C style, although a few Class A motorhomes are available. They also don’t rent fifth wheel trailers, which generally offer the most floor space of any style of RV.

So if you need to find a big RV for rent and prices are important to you, you might want to consider an alternative plan.

RVShare is a peer-to-peer RV marketplace where private RV owners can list their vehicles online for rental while they’re not being used. You can search for rental RV on RVShare no matter where you live in the USA, and since the rigs are all kept by private owners, you’re likely to find a little bit of everything -- including the big RV you’re looking for. You might even be able to rent someone’s fifth wheel and their tow vehicle, which usually isn’t an option at traditional RV rental dealerships.

The way it works is really simple. Regular people who own RVs place their rigs online when they’d otherwise be sitting empty anyway. After all, they’ve got nothing to lose. They get to screen renters and only approve people they’re comfortable with, and the RV that would have been collecting dust instead turns them a profit -- while enabling a curious new traveler the chance to rent an RV and see the country at a more affordable price. Win win, right?

Since private RV owners don’t have to deal with the overhead costs of running a whole dealership, they can afford to rent you their rigs at very competitive prices. In some areas, RV rentals start as low as $10 a night or less!

Of course, you’ll probably pay a bit more for the big RV rental of your dreams. But still -- you’ll find 40-foot motor homes with slide outs and all the gizmos at RVShare for a fraction of the hundreds of dollars a night they might cost at a regular dealership.

Besides, the extra space will be totally worth the slightly higher price. Because as you know… when it comes to road tripping, bigger is better!