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Maybe you’ve never had the chance to go on an RV adventure, but you’ve heard of how amazing they can be. You’ve seen all your friends' RV trip pictures, heard all of the epic stories, and now you’re finally convinced that you want an RV of your own, so you can taste the open road for yourself.

Unfortunately, after much research, you quickly realize that purchasing an RV is little ways out of your current realm of reality. You want nothing more than to make similar memories for yourself and your family, but there’s no way you’d be able to afford your very own rig, pay to keep it maintained, and find a place to keep it 90% of the year. What can you possibly do?

Thankfully, renting an RV is always an option. With dozens of brick and mortar locations to rent from, and tons of websites where you can do the same, where can you be sure to find what you need? In this article, we’re going to learn what the best way to rent an RV in the USA is.

What is the Best Way to Rent an RV Quickly?

It doesn’t take long to figure out that as hard as they try, most RV rental companies just don’t cut it when it comes to finding cheap RV motorhome rentals. In this day and age, who has the time (let alone the desire) to round up the family, get ready, drive all the way over to a dealership, walk for what feels like miles, and feel forced to listen to sales pitch after sales pitch, just to find an RV that you’re not even planning on buying?

Since you probably don’t have the time to spend an entire day on such an expedition, you figure the best way to find an RV to rent for cheap, is by either using a dealership’s site or finding some other online renter. The problem with this method, though, is that their websites are hardly ever user-friendly, it’s hard to figure out what’s available and when, and worst of all, prices are ridiculous!

Thankfully, you’ve found RVshare, the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. We offer the most high-quality units, we offer the best customer service, and we offer the lowest rates in the industry!

Best Way to Rent an RV by Zip Code

If you’re thinking, “Does RVshare have cheap campers for rent by owner near me?” the answer is yes. Because of our endless listings, you’re guaranteed to find something that meets your exact criteria.

Searching for the perfect rental is seamless and doesn’t require getting up from your seat.

  • First, right from our homepage, you can start your search by simply entering in your travel dates and where you’re located.

  • Next, by the time you blink, you’ll be taken to a page that lists hundreds of possible rental units that are available on your dates and located in your area.

You can customize your results with our detailed search filters. You can choose to only view units based on RV class, a number of travelers, and even the year and length of the models.

  • Then, when you find a rig that you think works for you, click on it so you can view more details.

You can read descriptions of the RV created by the people who know them the most, the owners! You can also learn more about features, and amenities. Read about any rules owners may have, such as if furry friends are allowed on, or if smoking is permitted.

The details section is also where you can look to see information about the cancellation policy, and other things like if the rig comes with unlimited miles and generator usage. You can also read a short bio about the owner and read customer reviews to see what kind of experiences others have had.

  • To see your final rate after taxes and fees, re-enter your dates and number of passengers above where it says “Request to Book.”

  • Finally, after getting in touch with the owner, you’ll meet in person, get a quick demo, ask any questions you want, and enjoy your adventure!

Rest assured, all rentals booked through our secure platform come with a $10,00 peace of mind guarantee, 24/7 roadside assistance, and insurance options that we help you figure out.

What Should I Expect to Pay?

Last but not least, we’ve got to talk about our customers favorite part and one of the biggest reasons why RVshare is the best way to rent an RV.

As easy and fun as our website is to book through, we know you’ve got a budget in mind. This is where RVshare shines. Since we’re P2P and therefore cut out the middleman, we’re able to provide incredibly competitive rates for our customers. Our rental rates actually start at just under $10 per night!

Our nightly rates vary depending on which class of RV you rent, how long you rent for, and which days of the year you do so. Being Flexible with your dates works best because peak seasons and holidays may end up costing more. On average, you can expect to pay about $150 per night on a week rental for an RV that will accommodate a group of four. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a little with owners, though!

The Best Way to Rent an RV Cheap

If you really want to go on an RV trip but buying your own rig just doesn’t seem realistic, renting one can be an even better option! While other RV renters and dealerships don’t always make it easy to work with them because of various factors, RVshare promises our customers a great experience.

Try us out and see that we really do offer the best options, the best customer care, and the best rates, and ultimately, the best way to rent an RV!