RV Storage in Florence Alabama

As the seat of Lauderdale County, Florence, AL is a popular RV vacation destination for intrepid travelers. With both corporate-owned franchises and mom-and-pop RV storage sites available, there are plenty of options. Florence, AL has a humid, subtropical climate, with an average temperature of about 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its temperate climate, the choice to use outdoor or indoor RV storage in Florence, AL, is up to the owner of the RV. However, both are available, and it’s always wise to protect your RV from the elements. You can find over 20 storage facilities in the Greater Florence area.

Diamond Mini Storage

Diamond Mini Storage map

Located in nearby Tuscumbia, AL, Diamond Mini Storage is a full-service storage facility that is, like many others on this list, family-owned and -operated. This is a good thing, especially if you’re concerned about being “just another number” at a chain or franchise operation. Because they understand what each customer needs — as they’re actually residents of the area — they’re able to service you a lot better and help you every step of the way.

Why You’ll Love Diamond Mini Storage

In addition to providing their customers with 24-hour access to their units, Diamond Mini Storage offers the experience of having been in business for more than 13 years. They know how to address each clients’ individual needs. Because they’re local, they’re affordable. This is a great facility if you’re worried about RV storage cost in Florence, AL.

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M & M Storage and Nelson

M & M Storage and Nelson map

As a reputable small business, M & M Storage and Nelson specializes in Florence RV self-storage; however, it also provides a commercial warehousing option. Offering both indoor and outdoor facilities, the staff is friendly and takes pride in being hands-on with their customers. Because it’s a small facility, personalized attention is not only encouraged; it’s welcomed.

Why You’ll Love M & M Storage and Nelson

The biggest selling point of M & M Storage and Nelson is the small, individualized attention that each customer receives from the minute they walk through the door. The workers treat their customers like family, and most (if not all) of their workers are RV enthusiasts like their customers. Best of all, it’s been in business for 11 years, and they’re not going anywhere.

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A&J Mini Storage

A&J Mini Storage map

In addition to accepting all major credit cards, A&J Mini Storage offers storage units of all sizes for all your needs. Customers report that A&J Mini Storage has excellent customer service. You can expect knowledgeable professionals who communicate well with patrons.

Why You’ll Love A&J Mini Storage

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Midgard Self Storage

Midgard Self Storage map

Midgard Self Storage is a company that’s located right in the heart of Florence and serves everyone in the area. Priding itself on being a full-service self-storage company for all sorts of RVs, Midgard Self Storage is for the community, by the community. Best of all, Midgard Self Storage is affordable and prides itself on being so for years.

Why You’ll Love Midgard Self Storage

Per their website, Midgard Self Storage offers a long list of outstanding features and services to ensure that tenants have all they need for an all-around exceptional self-storage rental experience. All self-storage units are located on the ground level, providing easy drive-up access to help make move-in day go by a little faster. In addition, Midgard Self Storage offers 24/7 access to units, via coded electronic gate entry to help keep your belongings safe. Air conditioned storage also helps keep your belongings in great condition. Recorded video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the facility, and the company’s manager lives on the property.

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2nd Street Storage

2nd Street Storage map

2nd Street Storage is a small business facility that offers the same benefits as a big chain facility. Open seven days a week, with an on-site manager available 24 hours a day, 2nd Street Storage offers climate-controlled storage units and two convenient locations near Florence, AL. Whether you’re an existing or new customer, you can find coupons on the company website.

Why You’ll Love 2nd Street Storage

While it may be family-owned and -operated, this facility offers all the benefits of a large chain operation. It’s affordable, dependable, and conveniently located. Furthermore, it’s well recommended on social sites, like Yelp and YellowPages.com.

2nd Street Storage Information


B & K Mini Storage

B & K Mini Storage map

In business for more than 20 years and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, B & K Mini Storage is pleased to serve the residents of Florence, AL, nearly exclusively. Though it has limited hours, B & K Mini Storage has a full set of services available to all of its customers. However, B & K does not accept credit cards as payment.

Why You’ll Love B & K Mini Storage

You’ll love this facility because it has a variety of sizes of storage units available. Since it’s family-owned and -operated, B & K offers personalized services for all of its customers. Best of all, because it’s local, the team understands your needs better than a non-local, or a chain-owned, operation.

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Secure Storage Shoals

Secure Storage Shoals map

With one of the easiest ways to reserve your space, Secure Storage Shoals offers covered RV storage in Florence, AL. With rates starting as low as $29 a month, this facility is a budget-friendly choice. Secure Storage Shoals offers 24-hour access and on-site security (although the office is closed on Sundays). In addition, you can reserve your space online, but if you choose to pay in person at the facility, it will take no more than 10 minutes.

Why You’ll Love Secure Storage Shoals

Quick. Easy. Local. Secure Storage Shoals offers all of these things and more while providing some of the best RV storage in Florence, AL. A number of amenities they offer is second to none — there’s 24-hour access, email billing and auto pay options available, and fully equipped video services at Secure Storage Shoals.

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Midway Mini Storage & RV Parking

Midway Mini Storage & RV Parking map

Midway Mini Storage & RV Parking is a specialized business that strictly offers outside RV storage facilities near Florence, AL. Because of this specialized offering, Midway understands the unique needs of RV owners and the RV lifestyle. It’s also family-owned and -operated, which is essential for those who wish to be a part of a small business’s success.

Why You’ll Love Midway Mini Storage & RV Parking

In terms of outside RV storage in Florence, AL, you can’t get any more specialized than Midway. Rather than focus on the profit line, the facility focuses on the customer — their needs, wants, and goals. If service is more important to you than saving a few extra bucks, this is definitely the right storage facility for you; those extra few extra dollars you’ll pay will go a very long way.

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iStorage Decatur Central Parkway

iStorage Decatur Central Parkway map

With a much-coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, iStorage Decatur Central Parkway is a wheelchair-accessible facility that accepts all major credit cards. Open six days a week, iStorage Decatur Central Parkway offers different sizes of storage units for all your needs. Best of all, it’s conveniently and centrally located, and it has one of the best Florence, AL, RV storage rates.

Why You’ll Love iStorage Decatur Central Parkway

iStorage Decatur Central Parkway offers an on-site, free parking lot. Clean, affordable, and centrally located, the iStorage Decatur Central Parkway is one of four iStorage locations in Alabama, with each location offering individualized services and attention. Furthermore, the staff is courteous and knowledgeable of all the services offered.

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Valley Storage

Valley Storage map

Are you looking for a storage facility that has a manager on-site, is open seven days a week, and provides every amenity that a chain-owned store provides? Look no further than Valley Storage. Family-owned and -operated for more than 20 years, Valley Storage provides every possible benefit to the RV owner who’s looking for secure indoor and outdoor storage. You can expect your RV to be secure and protected on these premises.

Why You’ll Love Valley Storage

Long hours, storage solutions of all shapes and sizes, and even automobile solutions are just a few of the many things that Valley Storage makes available to their customers. Because they’ve been in business for more than 20 years, Valley Storage knows what their customers need and when they need it. In addition, they accept all major credit cards as methods of payment.

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In Summary

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Storage in Florence, Alabama

On average, how much is RV storage in Florence, Alabama per month?

RV Storage prices can be different from state to state, as well as, city to city. On average, RV storage costs about $130 per month. This rate is dependent on different factors such as security, indoor or outdoor parking, and access to the facilities.

What is the cheapest RV storage in Florence, Alabama?

Some of the cheapest RV storage prices are in the $40-$50 range. In most cases, the bigger the unit size, the more expensive the monthly pricing will be, so keep this in mind when looking for storage for your RV.

What is the cost of indoor RV storage vs outdoor storage in Florence, Alabama?

Outdoor, uncovered storage is the most affordable option, but also provides the least amount of protection for your RV. This storage costs on average $30-$50 per month. Outdoor, covered RV storage is an outdoor parking spot that is protected by an awning structure and costs on average $30-$100 per month. Indoor storage provides the most protection for your RV and ranges from $50-$125 per month.

How to prepare your RV for long-term storage?

You want to first prepare your RV by finding good storage space. You may then want to consider investing in a good RV cover that can help prevent mold and mildew. Next, you will want to clean both your storage and RV to get rid of all the dirt and to keep pests away. Lastly, you want to shut down any appliances you have, empty out the tanks, and close all windows. This will keep your RV in great shape and ready for when you use it on your next road trip.

How secure are RV storage facilities?

RV storage facilities provide different options in order to ensure the safety of your RV. Many facilities use a perimeter fence to keep intruders out, as well as 24/7 security cameras to monitor who comes and goes from the storage unit. Others use coded entry systems for added protection.

Do RV storage facilities have dump stations?

Not all storage facilities have dump stations, but there are some that do. You can find dump stations near you or for more information on RV storage facilities, click here.

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