We want you to be as successful as possible renting your RV on RVshare. There is a lot to learn and understand, so review this checklist to make sure you’re set up for success and ready for your first booking

Getting ready for your first booking

  1. Insurance – Renting an RV can be stressful. To make sure your renter has a safe trip, make sure your RVshare insurance is activated. If you did not have your VIN number available when you created your listing, your insurance will not be activated. You can visit your listing in your dashboard to check. Learn more about insurance
  2. Calendar – Renters expect your calendar to be accurate and up to date. Being proactive and honoring bookings for available dates that are not blocked on your calendar are essential. Learn more about your calendar
  3. Rates – When surveying our renters, price is the most important factor when booking an RV. While setting your rates, look to see what competitive rates look like in your area, but also know what your RV brings to the table as well. Learn more about rates
  4. Getting Paid – To ensure you receive your payouts, make sure your payment account is set up ahead of your first booking. To create your payment account, please visit your dashboard and navigate to Payments > Payout Preferences. Learn more about payments
  5. RV listing content – Your listing is your opportunity to market your RV, and let renters know what is special about your unit and the experience you provide. Add as much content as needed to best describe your RV, and add interior and exterior photos to allow renters to view as much of your RV as possible. You can see your updates by previewing your listing on the site. Creating a quality listing
  6. Cancellation Policy – RVshare defaults your cancellation policy to Standard. With a standard policy, renters are entitled to a full refund minus the RVshare service fee for all cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the rental start date. As a booking approaches, the refund amounts are adjusted. Take a few minutes to review your policy to ensure you have the right one selected for you. To review your Cancellation policy, navigate in your dashboard to Listings > Policies
  7. ID Verification – When you receive your first message or booking request from a renter, you’ll be prompted to verify your ID via a message in your Inbox. ID verification helps RVshare check that you are who you say you are. This helps keep RVshare secure, fight against fraud, and much more. If you don’t want to wait for your first incoming renter message, you can verify your identification here.
  8. Departure and Return Forms – Prior to every reservation it is important to complete the Departure Form to capture pre-trip tank levels and document the condition of the RV before the renters take possession. This is also where additional driver information is added. At the end of every reservation the Return Form must be completed and is used to capture the post-trip condition of the RV as well as charge for overages, post-trip fees and expenses and to report damage to the RV.  These forms can be found in the Reservation Details of each booking. Learn more about the Departure and Return Forms.