RV Owners Insurance from National General

RV Owners Insurance1

Protect your home on the road with specialized RV insurance

As an RV owner, you want to protect your rig when it's not being rented, whether you’re going on weekend getaways or cross-country road trips. Tacking your RV onto your auto or home policy could leave you with massive out-of-pocket costs at claim time, but specialized RV insurance covers those unique insurance needs.

That's why RVshare has partnered with National General, one of the nation's leading RV insurance carriers, to bring you specialized RV coverage with a wide range of value-added features that safeguard your RV inside and out with benefits including:

  • Rental Use Permitted2

    Many insurers won’t allow for your RV to be rented when you’re not using it. Specialized RV insurance through National General provides top-of-the-line coverage for your RV when it’s not being rented.

  • Personal Belongings

    From laptops to linens, personal belongings are insured for their original cost new - not a depreciated amount - up to $3,000. Additional coverage can be added, too, for customers and their gear.

  • Vacation Liability

    Additional coverage to protect RVers when they're off the road and camping out. It protects them against damages around the camping area, where accidents often happen.

  • Permanent Attachments

    Depreciation-free coverage for items permanently attached to an RV, like awnings and satellite dishes.

  • Storage Savings Option

    Why should customers pay a full premium during the months their RV is in storage? They shouldn't! This option suspends collision and liability when an RV is not in use, for savings up to 53% off the premium.

  • Specialized Equipment Coverage

    Customers can tweak an RV to their heart's content. Add coverage for items like body or suspension alterations, custom wheels or solar panels.

  • 24/7 claim service, from RV specialists

    When it comes down to it, insurance coverage is only as good as the service provided in the unfortunate event of a claim. National General's RV insurance is backed by claim professionals who are RV experts, not auto adjusters.

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