Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

As America expanded to the west, cultural strife grew with frequent clashes between settlers and Native Americans. The Removal Act of 1830 allowed President Andrew Jackson to give land west of the Mississippi River to Native Americans in exchange for their land east of the river. While Congress may have felt this was a good idea, it escalated cultural wars as Plains Native Americans did not want to share their shrinking land with displaced Eastern Native Americans. The conflict escalated until Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer led a surprise attack by the 7th U.S. Calvary on the Cheyenne village near Cheyenne, Oklahoma, on November 27, 1868. Learn more about the events that transpired during that early morning surprise attack and its aftermath by visiting the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site. 

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Things To Do Near Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

Start your visit at the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site visitors center by watching the film "Destiny at Dawn" to learn more about the events of that predawn attack. Learn about the items that the Cheyenne Native Americans made from bison. Then, walk around the site to see its geographical features. Special reading programs occur on Saturday mornings for children, and special programming may occur throughout the year. 

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How To Get To Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

It is easy to get from Oklahoma City to Washita Battlefield National Historic Site. Start by taking Interstate 40 West. Get off at Exit 20, and go north on US 283. Travel through downtown Cheyenne on Oklahoma Highway 47. Approximately 0.5 from the town’s western limit, you will see Oklahoma 47A. Take it north until you reach this historic site. 


18555 Hwy 47A, Cheyenne, Oklahoma 73628

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Learn the fate of the United States government’s decision to make all Native Americans share the land east of the Mississippi River. Explore how the U.S. calvary still attacked Native Americans who were living in the right place. Visiting the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is a compelling experience. Hike along the path where the U.S. cavalry rode, and see the location of the Cheyenne village. Then, explore the surrounding area. There are plenty of places to shop and dine near this location, about two hours west of Oklahoma City. Bring your RV so that you can easily get from one small town to the next. If you do not have an RV, rent one on RVshare.com.