Capulin Volcano National Monument

Capulin Volcano National Monument in New Mexico offers a glimpse into the geological history of North America. Now extinct, the volcano that provides the national monument with its name has been inactive for more than 60,000 years and has come to be the home of many distinct wildlife species including songbirds like the spotted towhee and the Bullock's oriole. From its highest points, you can also see a massive swath of the surrounding area; in fact, from its 8,000-foot elevation, you can see Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado.

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Capulin Volcano National Monument is situated in Union County, NM, and has multiple RV-friendly campgrounds in the immediate area. When you're renting from RVshare.com, you'll have multiple options for your RV type, and you'll be renting from a fellow RV enthusiast.

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Things To Do Near Capulin Volcano National Monument

One of the biggest draws of Capulin Volcano is the panoramic views. From the top, you can see a total of five states. There are four trails here, which include the Crater Rim, Crater Vent, Lava Flow, and Nature trails, so bring a pair of nice hiking shoes as well as gear. Pets aren't allowed in many areas of the park except on the Nature Trail. Capulin Volcano has a dedicated visitor center and a National Parks Association Bookstore within the park where you can purchase things like souvenirs and maps. 

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How To Get To Capulin Volcano National Monument

From Clayton, head southwest on Main Street towards North 1st street. Make an immediate right at 1st onto US-64 W/US-87 N/N 1st street. Turn right on NM-325 N, and make another right. You'll then arrive at the national monument. 


46 Volcano Rd, Capulin, NM 88414

Fee: Entry fee (per person) $10.0

Fee: Entry fee (parking per vehicle) $20.0

When traveling to majestic Capulin, you're sure to witness some of the most magnificent vistas in the entire state of New Mexico. At Capulin, you'll only be able to bring in a recreational vehicle that is 26 feet or under, so consider renting a smaller RV for this trip from RVshare! There are plenty of options that will accommodate your family.