Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument

Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument (also known as Parashant National Monument or Parashant) was established in 2000 during the final days of President Bill Clinton's administration. Covering 1,048,325 acres of one of the most remote areas in the contiguous United States, Parashant includes nearly all the north face of the Grand Canyon and parts of the Utah desert beyond. Mount Trumbull at 8,029 feet is the highest elevation, and the surface of Lake Meade is the lowest at 1,230 feet. Within the boundaries of this immense park, there are no communities, though there are the remains of a copper mine, a ranch, and a dairy. The surrounding towns of St. George, UT, and Littlefield, AZ, have much to offer visitors. Most travelers come along Interstate 15 North (I-15 N) from Las Vegas, seeking a different thrill from what they find in that city.

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During the early settlement movement, the remoteness of Parashant kept human intervention at a minimum. The roads that remain today are often impassable, especially after a spring rain. Rock formations are unstable — dissolving away under the pressure of time and the elements — and there is little water or comfort found amongst the sage and cactus that populate the region. However, the ruggedness of the desert, the beauty of the wildflowers blossoming after a spring shower, the incredibly distant horizons, and the stars that blaze through the night sky are well worth the trip.

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How To Get To Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument

To reach the monument from Las Vegas, find Interstate 515 North (I-515 N) and drive for 0.73 miles to Exit 76B. Merge onto Interstate 15 North (I-15 N) and then go for 116.21 miles. At Exit 6, go right to get onto Bluff Street. Drive for 0.9 miles on Bluff Street South/Riverside Drive East to the Parashant National Monument Visitor Center.

Though the Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument is open year-round, there are no supporting facilities or services inside its boundaries. All roads require high clearance 4x4 vehicles and are not appropriate for RV traffic. Make sure to stop at a proper location near the monument to rent a vehicle capable of handling the terrain inside the park.


345 East Riverside Drive, St. George, UT 84790

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument is one of the few places in the contiguous United States where you can experience the same ruggedness that the initial settlers endured. The trip to the monument's borders is enjoyable with an RV as you can travel the long distances between towns and arrive fresh and ready for the challenge.