Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

From 1350 C.E. to 1450 C.E., ancient Sonoran Desert people lived and worked the land that currently houses Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Today, a four-story great house towers over the desert and the remains of a large walled compound and a sophisticated irrigation system — since the house was built well before written history, its purpose is a mystery. Explore the site at your own pace, using the interpretive signs to learn about the lifestyles of the ancient people who once farmed nearby. Situated between Phoenix and Tucson, Casa Grande makes a lovely day trip or a base camp for exploring Arizona's desert landscape.

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The weather at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument can be intense — in the summer, daytime temperatures regularly rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're planning to camp, an RV is a cool, breezy escape from the summer heat and the winter winds. Don't have a motorhome? A rental from RVshare offers both convenience and comfort.

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Things To Do Near Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is small but fascinating. The main attractions are the ruins; bring a picnic, and enjoy a meal with a view of the ancient structures. The surrounding desert stretches for miles in every direction, offering panoramic views. Enjoy the year-round sunshine in the wide-open desert, or head east into the Pinal Mountains for cool breezes. 

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How To Get To Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

From the Phoenix metro area, the fastest way to get to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is usually to take I-10 south. At exit 185, take County Road 387 east to County Road 282. From there, drive east, and turn south on North Arizona Boulevard. The park entrance is less than 1 mile from the turn.


1100 W. Ruins Dr., Coolidge, AZ 85128

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There is no entry fee.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument offers the chance to peer back in time and imagine the lives of ancient Native American people. Whether you want to explore the ruins or enjoy the view from the picnic area, this spot is a must-see destination for kids and adults. When you bring an RV, it's a breeze to camp near the monument or up in the surrounding mountains any month of the year.