Alagnak Wild and Scenic River

Alagnak Wild and Scenic River starts inside Katmai National Park and Preserve and ambles its way across Southwestern Alaska's tundra to Bristol Bay. This river has provided resources to the area residents for more than 2,300 years. It's a fantastic place to go on a paddling adventure, and you may see Yupik, Sugpiaq, and Denaina people picking berries, cutting wood, fishing, and hunting along its banks. In 1980, Congress designated the first 69 miles of the river starting at Kukaklek Lake as a wild and scenic river to protect its natural beauty and important ecosystems. The river is also important because it is feeding and watering grounds for brown bears, caribou, moose, beavers, foxes, and birds. It is vital when you visit the river that you help keep it clean, or it can lose its protected status. 

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Things To Do Near Alagnak Wild and Scenic River

Begin a rafting trip by taking a floatplane to Nonvianuk Lake or Kukaklek Lake. You can float the river in one to two days during the summer when the water levels are at their highest. Seasonally, this is a fantastic location to go hunting for moose and brown bears. While you will need to follow state regulations, this river is also a fantastic spot to go fishing for rainbow trout, char, grayling, and salmon. The Alagnak Wild River Corridor is also a great place to go primitive camping. There are nearby hiking trails. 

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How To Get To Alagnak Wild and Scenic River

While many choose to take a floatplane to the Alagnak Wild and Scenic River's headwaters, you can also take the water taxi from the King Solomon, Alaska, airport. The water taxi shuttles you from the airport to the National Park Service dock, where you board the ferry. 


King Solomon Airport, 1 King Salmon Airport Road, King Salmon, Alaska 99613

Fee: Entry Fee (per person)

There is no entry fee to see the river.

If you want a remote floating vacation, then Alagnak Wild and Scenic River may be the perfect place for you. This river's headwaters are in Katmai National Park, which is usually accessed by plane or boat. The river meanders its way to Bristol Bay. The best time to have this adventure is in the summer, but you can enjoy it in the spring or fall. Winter travel is not recommended because of ice. Exploring southwest Alaska in an RV is the perfect chance to see remote land where very few have gone, so pack up your RV and go on this adventure soon. If you do not have an RV, then it is easy to rent one on RVshare.com. You will find that the owners are extremely accommodating in helping you choose the travel trailer or RV option that is right for your Alaska explorations.