Coconino National Forest Guide

Leave all of your expectations behind when you visit the Coconino National Forest; this incredibly diverse landscape blows away any preconceived notions about what a national forest should be. Here, staggering red-rock towers rise from desert bluffs, and wild canyons cut through tree-covered mountains. From the snow-covered summit of Humphreys Peak to the Apollo space program training sites, there's a surprise around every corner. Take your pick of climates — head down to the red-rock cliffs near Sedona for classic Arizona sunshine and heat, or drive up to the peaks and forests near Flagstaff for cool breezes and snowy winters. With a variety of national parks and monuments a short drive away, this region can keep you busy for weeks.

Where to Camp

Camping in Coconino National Forest

Camping is the best way to experience the full beauty of the Coconino National Forest. Create a base camp in the mountains or down in the red rocks, and enjoy day hikes and afternoon adventures throughout the region. With an RV, you always have a cozy bed waiting after a day of fun. Don't have a motorhome of your own? RVshare makes it easy to rent the perfect RV for a weekend jaunt or a longer wilderness vacation.

RV Rentals Near Coconino National Forest

Shape Hiking Trails

Coconino National Forest Hiking Trails

Things to Do

Activities in Coconino National Forest

The Coconino National Forest offers some of the most exciting and varied recreational opportunities in Arizona. Hiking is one of the most popular activities; hundreds of miles of trails take you into the mountains, canyons, and cliffs. Some trails are open to mountain bikes, horses, and off-road vehicles. If you're interested in rock climbing, head to Jack's Canyon or the Priest Draw Trail and Bouldering area. Prefer to stay in your vehicle? The forest offers spectacular scenic drives, including the Around the Peaks Loop, the Mogollon Rim Road, and the Oak Creek Canyon drive.

map-marker-alt-regular How to Get There

How to get to Coconino National Forest

Address: 1824 S. Thompson St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Fee: Entry fee $0

With its wonderfully varied scenery and exceptional recreational opportunities, the Coconino National Forest is fun for families and extreme adventurers alike. In one day, you can snowboard at the Arizona Snowbowl and watch the sunset from the red rocks near Sedona. Whether you're visiting in the height of summer or the depths of winter, an RV is a great way to camp comfortably in the wilderness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconino National Forest

What is the closest town to Coconino National Forest?

Flagstaff, Arizona is one of the closest towns to the Coconino National Forest. Flagstaff is a sizable city, with plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and campgrounds. It's also an interesting place to visit in its own right, and it's worth spending a day or two in town to explore the area.

What type of wildlife lives in Coconino National Forest?

Wildlife that lives in Coconino National Forest includes horned toads, elk, coyotes, bald eagles, blue herons, bears, and mountain lions. The forest is also home to a variety of birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals.

Do you need a permit to fish or hunt in Coconino National Forest?

Yes, you need a permit to hunt in the Coconino National Forest. If you are 10 years or older, you also need a fishing permit to fish in the forest.

Is there a limit to how long you can camp in Coconino National Forest?

Yes, there is a limit to how long you can camp in Coconino National Forest. Campers may stay up to 14 days in the forest within a 30-day period.

Does Coconino National Forest offer free camping sites?

Yes, the Coconino National Forest offers free camping sites. Dispersed camping is allowed throughout the forest. Dispersed camping is free, but does not offer any amenities. Campers must pack everything in with them, and pack everything out when they leave.