Monongahela National Forest Guide

The Monongahela National Forest has 919,000 acres of varied habitats that are located in 10 counties of the highlands of West Virginia. The national forest is one of the more diverse national forests, mostly because of the opposing patterns of precipitation caused by the large differences in elevation inside the preserve that ranges from 1,000 feet at the lowest elevation to an elevation of 4,863 feet at the top of Spruce Knob. The western side receives an average of 60 inches of rain annually whereas the eastern side of the mountains receives roughly half that amount. The resulting biological variety is reflected by the wide variety of plants and wildlife. Of these plant and animal species, eight are listed as endangered. Inside the park, you will find a network of multi-use road and trail systems that contain miles of railroad grades, and hunting and fishing are popular activities throughout the national forest. 

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Address: 200 Sycamore Street, Elkins, WV 26241

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Monongahela National Forest contains a vast number of diverse and beautiful habitats that include mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and meadows. In order to see all that this natural wilderness has to offer the outdoor enthusiast, driving an RV is the most economical and practical way to experience your road trip. Start planning your Monongahela National Forest trip now for a wonderful time in the great outdoors.