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The Sumter National Forest is unique in that it has three distinct ranger districts that are not contiguous to each other. These ranger districts are the Enoree, Long Cane, and Andrew Pickens regions, which make up a total acreage of 371,000. Each area has its own characteristics. The Piedmont is home to the Indian Creek Wildlife Habitat Restoration Initiative, a natural resource management effort, and the Long Cane Ranger District contains the popular Forks Area Trail System (FATS), which is a nationally recognized mountain biking trail system. You will find many natural activities to enjoy in the Andrew Pickens district with the wild and fast Chattooga River coursing through and numerous mountain peaks towering above the forests. 

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Address: 4931 Broad River Rd., Columbia, SC 29212

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There are three separate ranger districts for the Sumter National Forest that feature some of the distinct natural habitats and regions of South Carolina. You can take your pick of any one or visit all three. Whichever district you choose, you are sure to find plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. Taking an RV to travel to all three districts is the easiest way to see the entire Sumter National Forest, and you can readily find an RV rental to get you on your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Sumter National Forest

What is the closest town to Sumter National Forest?

Whitmire, South Carolina is one of the closest towns to Sumter National Forest, and is the home of the forest headquarters. Carlisle and Delta are other nearby towns.

What type of wildlife lives in Sumter National Forest?

Wildlife in Sumter National Forest includes raccoons, rabbits, black bears, beavers, coyotes, and foxes. The forest is also home to wild turkeys and a variety of other birds, as well as fish and fascinating fauna.

Can you kayak, canoe, or raft in Sumter National Forest?

Yes, you can kayak and canoe in Sumter National Forest. There are several canoe trails that wind through the forest, along with swamps where canoes and kayaks can paddle. The Chattooga National Wild and Scenic River has 31 miles of whitewater rapids, so rafting is also available in the area.

Do you need a permit to fish or hunt in Sumter National Forest?

Yes, you need a permit to hunt in Sumter National Forest. Anyone 16 and older also needs a fishing license in order to fish in the forest.

What is the best time to visit Sumter National Forest?

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Sumter National Forest. The temperatures are cooler in those seasons so hiking and other outdoor activities are more comfortable. The plants and flowers in the forest are more colorful during both of those seasons as well.