Umatilla National Forest Guide

Umatilla National Forest is located in the rural Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon. The climate in this area is quite humid with winters that are short and cool and summers that get hot. The closest town is Pendleton, a town that is famous for its Pendleton Round-Up. This is not the rainy, quirky Portland that Oregon is most known for. Eastern Oregon is more of a high desert habitat with an environment all its own. The communities nearby have a small-town vibe.

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Address: 72510 Coyote Road, Pendleton, OR 97801

Fee: Day Pass Fee $5

Fee: Annual Pass Fee $30

The Umatilla National Forest is a perfect picture of the old Wild West days. The arid forested area is home to three different wilderness areas where you may spot moose, bighorn sheep, black bear, and more. It is a beautiful area for hiking, fishing, and exploring different habitats. Since the forest covers more than a million acres, traveling by RV means you can wander throughout the area without worrying about having a comfortable place to sleep.