Kisatchie National Forest Guide

Kisatchie National Forest is a popular recreational destination and the only national forest in the state of Louisiana. Divided into two districts and five units, the forest contains miles of dense greenery, beautiful lakes, picnic tables, hiking trails, and more. The grounds are spread out across several northern and central parishes, taking up an incredible total land area of 604,000 acres. There are also three scattered prairies on the premises, which is significant since these natural constructs are almost gone throughout the state. The Tancock Prairie and the Bartram Prairie were mentioned in survey records that date back to 1836 and are now considered "historic."

Where to Camp

Camping in Kisatchie National Forest

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Shape Hiking Trails

Kisatchie National Forest Hiking Trails

Things to Do

Activities in Kisatchie National Forest

The forest is the home of numerous types of plant species, some of which include wild orchids, rose pogonia orchids, and pale pitcher plants. Fishing is also popular in the region; Fullerton Lake and Kincaid Lake are two locations that allow it. Birds you may see during a trip here include red-cockaded woodpeckers and Henslow's sparrows.

map-marker-alt-regular How to Get There

How to get to Kisatchie National Forest

Address: 2500 Shreveport Hwy, Pineville, LA 71360

Fee: Entry fee $0

Kisatchie National Forest is a fantastic travel destination that presents opportunities for countless recreational activities. Hiking, fishing, and bird watching are a few of the exciting pursuits visitors tend to enjoy. In addition, renting an RV can enhance a trip to a national forest and help you get the full experience without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Kisatchie National Forest

Is there a fee to get into Kisatchie National Forest?

No, there is no fee to get into Kisatchie National Forest. There may be fees or permits required for certain activities, or for using certain areas within the forest, however.

Does Kisatchie National Forest offer free camping sites?

Yes, Kisatchie National Forest offers free camping sites. Dispersed camping is allowed in the forest and is free. Campers will not have any amenities, and need to pack out all their trash and leave the site as it looked before they arrived.

Is there a limit to how long you can camp in Kisatchie National Forest?

Yes, there is a limit to how long you can camp in Kisatchie National Forest. Campers can camp in dispersed forest areas for up to 30 days. After that, they must move at least 5 miles to camp again. Developed campgrounds may have their own limits so campers should check with the individual campground.

How many hiking trails does Kisatchie National Forest have?

Kisatchie National Forest has more than 100 miles of hiking trails throughout the forest. Hikers will find trails for every ability, from easy strolls to arduous hikes.

Can you kayak, canoe, or raft in Kisatchie National Forest?

Yes, you can kayak, canoe, and raft in Kisatchie National Forest. Lake Kincaid is perfect for paddling and is a great spot for kayaks and canoes. There are also outfitters in the area that lead rafting trips.