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The Los Padres National Forest is divided into two separate areas. The first is located along the Big Sur coastline while the second is Ventana Wilderness. It includes the Sisquoc Condor Sanctuary, the oldest sanctuary in the United States for endangered raptor birds. This forest contains three national recreation areas and 10 wilderness areas. The area, near Santa Barbara, California, is also a great place to see many of California’s endangered animals. From redwood forests to semi-desert ecosystems, this national forest is a beautiful place to visit.

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Address: Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center, 17017 Maricopa Highway, Ojai, California 93023

Fee: Entry fee $0

Anglers love to visit Los Padres National Forest because it is one of the few places where you can go saltwater fishing. The trout are often biting in the streams and rivers year-round. You can find fantastic places to go hiking and stargazing. The edge of this national forest is on Santa Barbara’s northern border, and the Big Sur coastline runs through this location. The best way to explore all this national forest has to offer is in an RV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Los Padres National Forest

What is the best time to visit Los Padres National Forest?

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Los Padres National Forest. You'll miss the summer crowds, but the weather will still be pleasant for outdoor exploring.

How many hiking trails does Los Padres National Forest have?

Los Padres National Forest has nearly 200 hiking trails. Hikers can explore a variety of terrains and trails along the Central Coast, in the largest national forest in California.

What is the closest town to Los Padres National Forest?

Solvang is one of the closest towns to Los Padres National Forest. Ojai and Los Olivos are two other nearby towns with plenty of shopping and fun activities in the area.

What type of wildlife lives in Los Padres National Forest?

Wildlife in Los Padres National Forest includes mule deer, black bear, wild boar, and pronghorn antelope. There is also a variety of birds and small mammals in the area.

Is there a fee to get into Los Padres National Forest?

There is not a fee to get into Los Padres National Forest. However, permits are required to park in certain areas of the forest for picnicking, hiking, and other activities.