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Oct 26 2021 - Nov 03 2021

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The World Series is Major League Baseball's annual championship. MLB consists of 30 teams divided equally between the American League and the National League. The leagues are further divided into three divisions each. The current version of the World Series started in 1903 as a matchup between the American League's Boston Americans and the National League's Pittsburgh Pirates. The first series in 1903, as well as the ones from 1919 through 1921, were all best-of-nine series. The rest of the series were best-of-seven matchups, except 1904 and 1994. There was no World Series in 1904 because the New York Giants refused to play the Boston Americans, and there was no World Series in 1994 because of the baseball players' strike.

The 2020 World Series champions were the Los Angeles Dodgers. While the Dodgers have a good shot at repeating in 2021, any of the other 29 teams could take the Commissioner's Trophy, which is awarded to the World Series winner.


After the MLB regular season ends, both the American League and the National League conduct playoffs, with one wild card game in each league, a division series (ALDS and NLDS), and a league championship series (ALCS and NLCS). The World Series is scheduled after the league championship series. Most of the time, World Series games are played in October. However, some games have been played in September, and some have been played in November. Hence, the World Series has the nickname of the "Fall Classic."

The official schedule for the 2021 season was released on July 9, 2020. Opening day was April 1, 2021, and the last day of regular season play is October 3, 2021. The World Series is scheduled to start on October 26, 2021.


The AL and NL division and league championship playoffs are played at the stadiums of the participating teams. In the five- and seven-game series for the playoffs and the World Series, one team has home-field advantage and plays one more home game than their opponent. This way, both teams have the opportunity to play in their stadiums in front of their fans. 

The full location schedule for the World Series is as follows: The team with home-field advantage hosts games one, two, six, and seven. The other team hosts games three, four, and five. Since the first team to win four games clinches the series, there will be at least four games, thus guaranteeing both teams at least two home games.


Until 1969, the AL and NL teams with the best record played in the World Series. In 1969, the championship series was introduced in both leagues. The division series was introduced in 1995. Wild card games were introduced in 2012. After all of these playoff games, the AL and the NL champions play each other in the World Series.


MLB regular season games, playoffs, and the World Series lend themselves to the opportunity to enjoy RVing. With your RV, you can enjoy pregame festivities at your team's home games. An RV also allows you to make leisurely excursions for away games and stay overnight during multi-game series.

If you don't own a motorhome or trailer, the RVshare platform allows you to choose an RV that fits your trip. For home games, where you are using the RV for pre-game festivities, the size, amenities, number of people it sleeps, and other features will not be factors. For away games when you will be staying overnight, you should consider these issues. At RVshare, you can choose a Class A, B, or C motorhome or a travel trailer that fits the number of people going and has the amenities you want.


If you are RVing, the RVshare blog offers lists of campgrounds all over the United States. The 30 teams that make up the MLB represent most of the biggest metro areas in North America. No matter where a World Series game is being hosted, you'll have no trouble finding accommodations in the area. 

Those wanting to find a hotel room should check the website of the stadium as many venues list hotels for the convenience of fans.


Since the playoff teams won't be set until the end of the regular season, you'll have to check back for directions to a particular team's stadium. When attending away games, you should check the team's website or call the stadium for directions.


On-site event parking is usually available for RVs at most stadiums. However, you should check with the stadium to be sure.


Check your team's website for regular season and playoff tickets and ticket packages. The final ticket prices are often determined by a variety of factors. For example, the matchup, location, and point in a series can all play a role. An average World Series ticket will resell at around $1,000.


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