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Feb 02 2020 - Feb 02 2020

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The only thing better than watching the Super Bowl in the comfort of your own home is watching it live. Like most people, you'd probably trade the coolest Super Bowl party around to see this epic showdown in person. For months, the two teams, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, have battled formidable opponents to become champions of their respected conferences, and now, at the Super Bowl, the undisputed champion of the NFL will be decided.

As you know, there's more to Super Bowl Sunday than the game. Pregame and postgame highlights and entertainment give this event dimensions of fun that you'll not soon forget.


Although the football game is the big draw of the day, no one goes to the Super Bowl just to watch the teams play. Everyone knows that the entertainment at the Super Bowl is hot stuff. This year, the organizers of Super Bowl LIV did what they do best: scheduled top-notch talent to jazz the crowds up.

First, you've got a few different pregame parties located near Hard Rock Stadium. At these events, you'll get to enjoy music, food, and drinks and meet NFL legends. Then, pop superstar Demi Lovato takes the stage to get things patriotic with the singing of the national anthem. After that, kickoff takes place. When halftime hits, fans will be wowed by performances from two of the hottest stars of today and yesterday. Both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are taking the stage for halftime, and they won't be alone. They'll be performing with an ensemble of musicians and dancers to bring you the best performance all day—except for the game itself, of course. Furthermore, there are many concerts and parties in the week leading up to the big game.


Why not take it to the max when you go to the Super Bowl and show up in a recreational vehicle? With an RV, you'll have many of the conveniences of home at the nation's most popular sporting event. Don't have an RV? Well, you can still show up in one. Just head over to RVshare and check out the many different rental options available. You can choose from fifth wheels, travel trailers, and Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Before you embark on your adventure, just make sure you've got everything prepared, such as food and drinks. You'll want to have simple-to-serve items that are easy to clean up and don't take up a lot of room. Also, make sure to pick up plenty of ice. Even though you've got a fridge and freezer in your RV, you can never have too much ice as you get ready for the big game. You may even want to bring an extra cooler or two to keep food and drinks as cool as possible. Finally, bring plenty of trash bags and receptacles for recycling.


You'll need a place to park your house on wheels when it's time to sleep. Fortunately, in the Miami area, there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds waiting to cater to your needs. Also, because it's Super Bowl weekend, you might find some parties at some of these establishments before and after the game.


It's quite easy to get to Super Bowl LIV in an RV from wherever you're coming from, thanks to its location outside of busy Miami proper. The stadium is located near a few different major thoroughfares, so you won't be dealing with too much city traffic on your way to the game.

Running north and south of Hard Rock Stadium are Highway 817 and Florida's Turnpike. Heading south on the turnpike, you'll want to get off at Exit 2 X, which has a sign displaying the words Stadium and NW 199th Street on it. From there, you'll continue onto Turnpike Access Road until it hits NW 199th Street, which takes you to the stadium. Turn right on NW 199th Street.

If you're approaching the stadium on the turnpike from the south, then you'll see a sign stating NW 199th Street and Stadium.

Coming in on Highway 817, which is also NW 27th Avenue, you'll turn left (from the north) or right (from the south) onto NW 199th Street, which will take you directly to the stadium.

If you're heading east or west toward the stadium, you'll eventually want to get on either the turnpike or Highway 817 (NW 27th Street) and ride them to NW 199th Street.


Although having an RV brings you loads of advantages, there are some restrictions you'll have to abide by at the Super Bowl. The first is where you can park. There is no RV parking in the lot of Hard Rock Stadium. Don't panic, though. There's a lot for oversized vehicles, including RVs, located less than four blocks from where all the action of the day will be taking place. Parking in this lot will run you at least $450 for the day.

The second restriction you'll have to accept is the no-tailgating rule in the oversized vehicle parking lot. Don't feel bad, though. This ban on tailgating also extends to regular-sized vehicles in the lot on Hard Rock Stadium grounds. In other words, at Super LIV, there is no tailgating allowed ... almost. There is an official tailgating party being held adjacent to the on-site parking lot, but there are no vehicles allowed. Essentially, it's just one big party with lots of food, drinks, and entertainment. They just happen to call it a tailgate party.

With these restrictions, the benefit of having an RV is obvious—you can have your own little party inside your RV as long as you don't spill out onto the parking lot. You can cook meals, listen to music, and have some drinks while checking out the pregame show and waiting for the game to start.


Tickets can be purchased online from a variety of retail sellers, such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, and SeatGeek. The location of your seat will ultimately determine the price of your ticket. That being said, expect to find Super Bowl seating starting at just under $4,000 for the cheapest seats.

When purchasing tickets to Super Bowl LIV, you'll have the option of buying them with packages. These deals can get quite fancy and will significantly increase the cost of your experience. Packages can include meals, lodging, and transportation.


The Super Bowl is an unforgettable celebration of more than just sports: it's a toast to the good things in life. While there, you'll scream, laugh, and maybe cry; don't forget to take some pictures, too. You'll need something to show your people back home how amazing of a time you had. And please, send us some of your shots to [email protected] so we can put them on our blog.

Check out the official Super Bowl LIV social media channel @miasbliv on Twitter and Instagram. See you at kickoff!

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