RV Rentals at Masters Tournament

Augusta, Georgia

Apr 06 2023 - Apr 09 2023

Price: $2650-$2950

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The Masters Tournament is one of professional golf's biggest events. It's the first of the four PGA major championships held annually. Every year, the Masters takes place in Augusta, Georgia, at the Augusta National Golf Club. Throughout the four-day competition, golf fans are treated to some of the best moments in the game as anywhere between 90 and 100 players shoot it out for a chance to win the coveted green jacket. The entire event actually lasts seven days and features practice rounds and a small for-fun par-3 game before tournament play begins.


The days before official play, there will be events throughout the week. They include three practice rounds where spectators can watch players prepare for the big tournament as well as a par-3 game. The par-3 game is a light and fun event that is now a big tradition at the Masters. During the event, which is held on Wednesdays, players' partners, children, or friends act as their caddies. In some cases, the players even let their caddies hit a few balls. 

Food and beverages will be available at various concession stands throughout the venue. The prices are considered to be some of the lowest in the entire sports world. The items for purchase include an array of sandwiches, delicious breakfast choices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a few different snacks. Some favorites include the pimento cheese spread and the Georgia peach ice cream.


The Masters is held each year at the Augusta National Golf Club, located at 2604 Washington Road in Augusta, Georgia.


If you're into comfort and convenience, then you may want to consider showing up to the 2023 Masters in an RV. Doing so can save you tons of money and time as you bypass the marked-up hotels and long check-in lines. If you don't have an RV, you can rent one quite easily at RVshare.

While there are no special provisions made for RVs at the event, there are quite a few different RV parks and campgrounds in the area that visitors customarily use for accommodations during the week.

RV Rentals Near Augusta, Georgia

Nearby RV Rentals


There are a few different RV parks and campgrounds in the area. Beware that they fill up fast, especially the ones closest to the tournament. 

Heritage RV Park is a popular choice during tournament week due to its proximity to the event. However, the facility fills up regularly, even during non-tournament times. Therefore, book your spot in advance if you want to stay there. While there, you'll have full hookups and access to a dump station, laundry, and Wi-Fi.

Mistletoe State Park is another popular spot for RVers. While not as close as Heritage (30 miles away from the tournament), it usually has more vacancies. Sites are right on the water overlooking Clarks Hill Lake and provide electricity and water. Additionally, there is an on-site dump station that's free for registered guests. 

Plenty of hotels are also available in town and near the event. As is to be expected, the closer your hotel is to the tournament, the more money you should expect to pay. Also, expect to find many or all of the hotel choices to raise their normal prices significantly for the duration of the event.


The Masters Tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, which is easily accessible to travelers. There will be numerous highly visible signs directing traffic. These should be followed instead of smartphone or GPS directions. 

Vehicles have two options for entry: by way of Highland Avenue or Wheeler Road. Highland Avenue approaches the venue from the south and cuts through the heart of Augusta. You can access Highland Avenue from U.S. Highway 78, which runs east to west throughout the state. Wheeler Rd approaches the location from the east and is easily accessed from Interstate 520.


Parking at the Masters is available only on a first-come, first-served basis in the lots located off Berckmans Road. These lots are not equipped for oversized vehicles, and they fill up fast. You should expect to find parking off-premises if you've got a fifth wheel, a travel trailer, or a large RV. Many RVers leave their rigs at the campground and hire rides to the event. Some Airbnb hosts offer RV parking.


Masters tickets are some of the most difficult tickets to get in sports. The only truly authorized source for tickets is the Masters Tournament, which has a lottery. That being said, there are quite a few places to pick some up online.

All of the major ticket outlets, such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats, have Masters Tournament tickets for sale. Keep in mind there are a few different types of tickets you can buy.

• Practice tickets: Starting Monday, attendees can watch practice rounds Monday to Wednesday.

• Competition tickets: Competition tickets (badges) are available for each day of the tournament, which officially begins on Thursday.

• Packages: Some tickets are available as packages, which include a whole host of amenities, such as lodging, deluxe transportation to and from the event, parties, and meals. Expect to pay a premium for these deals.


RVing at the Masters is a great option if you want to save money and have a good time. Don't forget your camera and snap plenty of photos to preserve the unique adventure you'll have. Send some of your best pictures to [email protected], and you could see them on the RVshare blog.

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