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Oct 17 2024 - Oct 20 2024

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Four days, 80 events, and an all-star cast that’ll put your Food-Network-loving heart a-flutter, there’s really no food festival quite like the one in the Big Apple. Held yearly during harvest season, the New York City Food and Wine Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every food lover, a foodie pilgrimage well worth making. Past years’ attendees include celebrities both inside and outside of the food industry, like Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Neil Patrick Harris, and many, many more. And if you think hobnobbing with the stars is exciting, consider this: all that amazing food you see dished up daily on your favorite cooking shows? Yeah, if you attend this event, you get to eat it. *And* all the proceeds go to a great cause: ending childhood hunger in New York City and the greater American nation.


As may be obvious, the biggest draw to the New York City Food and Wine Festival is… well, the food and wine. Visitors get to taste and try creations from the all-star chefs whose shows they watch on TV, as well as other culinary movers and shakers from within and beyond the five-borough area. 

Along with tons of eating and drinking, festival-goers can also experience hands-on classes, late-night parties, educational seminars, wine-tastings and other opportunities to expand their culinary horizons. The festival is also attended by hundreds of exhibitors, offering the chance to bring home the latest and greatest in food-related technology (and sometimes, just plain good eats.)


Rather than setting up at one large venue, the New York Food and Wine Festival takes place across a variety of locations in New York City, including restaurants, bars, and private event spaces. For more detailed information on location and scheduling, check the official New York City Food and Wine Festival Website.


It may be one of the most glamorous, exhilarating cities in the world… but let’s face it. From an RVer’s perspective, New York City leaves something to be desired. (Namely, campsites.) But just because it’s hard to find doesn’t mean there’s no camping in the Big Apple!

While there’s not a campground officially designated for or associated with the New York City Food and Wine Festival, there are a few options for those who wish to experience the event while using their travel trailer or motorhome as a home base. As always, finding a peer-to-peer RV rental through RVshare is an amazing way to experience the motorhome or travel trailer camping lifestyle if you don’t already have a rig of your own -- and it’ll help you save a few shekels to spend in the city, to boot!

  • Liberty Harbor RV Park is a developed, privately-owned campground conveniently located just across the harbor from Manhattan. Although you’ll technically be staying in New Jersey, the bright lights and big buildings of New York are just a 15-minute ferry ride away -- or you can get even more of the local experience by taking the PATH trail or light rail. WiFi is available throughout the campground, and RV slots include water and electricity.

  • If you’re tent camping, you might also consider Staten Island’s Camp Gateway -- but RVs of all shapes and sizes are disallowed from this campground.

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If you’re not bringing an RV to the New York City Food and Wine Festival, the world is your oyster as far as lodging options are concerned. This city is nothing if not replete with hotels, hostels, B&Bs, and every other temporary accommodation choice under the sun. 

While we wouldn’t have the room to list all the hotels available in New York even if this guide were ten pages long (and besides, with all the turnaround in NYC, it would be outdated before we even published it), there are a few spots that shouldn’t skip your radar. Here are a few of our Big Apple favorites.

  • The Waldorf Astoria is a New York City institution -- and yes, this is where the salad got its name. Of course, you’re talking about a five-star luxury hotel in Manhattan during one of the most talked-about events of the year… so suffice to say, it’s gonna be costly!

  • The Local NYC is a hostel offering both dorm-style accommodations and select private rooms in an inviting, industrial-chic setting. Staying in hostels is a great way to save money, of course, but it can also help you meet other travelers… and as all RV campers know, it’s just as much about who you’re with as where you’re going!

  • The Paper Factory Hotel is something of a hidden gem: nestled in the remains of an old -- you guessed it -- paper factory, this trendy spot is both comfortable and relatively affordable… at least when you’re talking New York prices. Part of the reason why? It’s located not in midtown, but in nearby Queens. It’s still a quick train ride to all the festival events, and you’ll get a much more local experience!


There’s definitely no shortage of roads leading to NYC -- nor airports that serve the area. Since the event doesn’t take place at just one venue, all you have to do is make your way to the Big Apple, whether by plane, train, or automobile.

New York is most easily accessed by I-95 for east coast travellers, and is the eastern terminus of I-80. Flying in? You can choose between JFK and LaGuardia airports, or the nearby Newark -- all of which are connected to downtown Manhattan by public transit.


Although no official parking information has been published on the New York City Food and Wine Festival website, suffice to say that parking in midtown Manhattan is… not fun, and best avoided. If at all possible, find your way to the festival events via public transit or on foot. 


The tickets range from $95-$400 and ticket prices vary depending on the type of event you choose to attend. More information about ticket packages can be found here.


Whether it’s tasty treats or stunning sights, we here at RVshare are always eager to partake in your travels -- even if only vicariously through your social media posts! Tag us in those epic snaps you send to Facebook and Instagram, or shoot us the deets directly at [email protected]. Everyone here at HQ will appreciate the chance to sneak a peek at your adventures, of course… and we might even share your stories and photos with our audience through our own blog and social media channels.

Bon appetit, campers!

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