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Sep 15 2021 - Sep 18 2021

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Idaho Spud Day is an annual event held each fall in Shelley, Idaho. Held for close to 100 years on third weekend of September plus the Wednesday leading up to it, it's a fun festival celebrating the potato and community. The event always draws large crowds of locals and tourists, and there's plenty to enjoy when you choose to take a trip out to see what people are cooking up for Idaho Spud Day. If you're thinking of going this year, why not cruise down to Shelley in style in an RVshare rental RV? It's one of the best ways to combine comfort and efficiency when on a vacation, especially to a family event like Idaho Spud Day.


Idaho Spud Day is a major event with a ton of fun to be had. Spud Day usually occurs over the course of three days starting with Wednesday and continuing on Friday and Saturday. Each day has plenty to see and do with specific events tailored to each day.

Wednesday's event is always the Miss Russet Pageant held at Hillcrest Auditorium. This is open to high school senior girls in Shelley who compete in various contests to determine who will be crowned Miss Russet and the Spud Day Queen for this year's festival. She'll have various responsibilities during the rest of the festival, one of which is to preside over the parade held later in the week. Additionally, Miss Russet and the four runners-up all receive college scholarships as prizes.

Friday is the day of the Tater Trot, a race held at the local high school for younger kids. It's tons of fun for kids and their parents, and it serves as a good warmup for things later on.

Saturday is the big day, and it's when everything really kicks off. The first official event of Spud Day itself is the QRU Pancake Breakfast at 7:00 a.m. sharp, a great way to kick off any festival. After that, you can attend the Spud Run-5k or 1 Mile Walk, giving you plenty of time to burn off your pancakes and get some exercise.

After that, you can watch the Children’s Parade followed by the main Spud Day Parade complete with floats as the participants march down State Street. The rest of the day will be filled with all sorts of other activities from the car show to the potato-picking contest, the potato-baking contest and free baked potatoes with all the trimmings. The Community Orchestra will also be playing to showcase local talent. Don't miss the annual Spud Tug, a tug of war with the two sides trying to pull each other into a pit of delicious mashed potatoes.


The Idaho Spud Day festivities take place across the town with most activities centered around the Shelley City Park, also known as Dawn Lloyd Field, and various major events at other locations of interest around town.

Shelley City Park

224 N State Street

Shelley, ID 83274


As a town-wide event, Idaho Spud Day doesn't offer specific accommodations for RV rentals. That doesn't mean you're unable to enjoy all sorts of fun RV adventures along the way, though. There are a number of fun RV campgrounds you can stay at while you're in town for Idaho Spud Day. If you need a place to camp while on your trip, you can try these three options in or near Shelley and the festival:

North Bingham County Recreation Area

The North Bingham County Recreation Area is located within Shelley itself, making it one of the most convenient places to camp out in your RV while you're there for Spud Day. It's beautiful and well-maintained, and you can see all sorts of historical attractions like the Alridge Schoolhouse or an authentic general store. There's also a rodeo area to check out while you're here.

Snake River RV Park and Campground

The Snake River RV Park and Campground is located in nearby Idaho Falls a mere 20-minute drive from Shelley. It has a ton of amenities that will make your stay almost as fun as Spud Day itself. Wi-Fi, full hookups with electricity and water, a dump station, laundry and shower facilities, RV servicing and so much more are all available at affordable rates. It's also a dog-friendly RV park if you're traveling with a companion, and there are cabins to rent if you'd like some extra room.

Targhee Inn & RV

Targhee Inn & RV is another campsite near Shelley with a lot to offer RVers. For starters, there are full hookups available to campers, including water and a sewer connection at some sites. You can also get cable TV set up in your RV. The location is pet-friendly, and you can also rent rooms at the inn if desired.


Even if you don't choose to take advantage of the great RV campgrounds in the area, there are still plenty of places to stay while you're visiting Shelley for Idaho Spud Day. If you're looking for lodging, you might want to try the following.


You have a number of good hotel options when attending Idaho Spud Day in Shelley. Small town or not, you can find a room at places like Hilton, Hampton, Marriott and more within 10 miles. Others like Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn are also nearby.


Even without an RV, you can camp out at places like the North Bingham County Recreation Area. There are many camping spots in the area as well as log cabins you can stay in.

Bed-and-breakfast inns

Bed-and-breakfast inns are an ideal way to enjoy events like Spud Day. There are plenty of people willing to take you in for a more personalized lodging experience in and around Shelley, saving you money while putting you right next to the action.


Idaho Spud Day takes place in Shelley, Idaho, a small town in the eastern side of the state. As a result, the easiest way to get into town is by traveling along Highway 91, also called State Street when in town. People coming from the north and south can make it to Shelley by following the highway. If coming in from the west, you can get there by following along East 1250 North that runs along Snake River. This is convenient since E 1250 N allows you to travel along Interstate 15 without issue.


Shelley, Idaho, is a small town, meaning that you can easily park within walking distance of the festivities. The most obvious place to park would be in and around City Park given that's where most of the festival's activities are held. However, these spots tend to fill up quickly and could leave you looking for somewhere else to stay. Many businesses in the area won't mind you parking in their lots on the day of the festival, but spots will likely fill quickest for those closest to the park or other areas of interest.


There are no tickets needed for admission into Idaho Spud Day; you won't be charged to get into City Park and enjoy the sights. Various booths or events may cost money, particularly those selling food or souvenirs.


Idaho Spud Day is a fun annual event that you won't want to miss. Whether you're fond of small-town culture, festivals or potatoes, this event has a little something for everyone to enjoy. That includes the team here at RVshare. If you plan to take a trip out to Idaho Spud Day, RVshare would like to see some of your great vacation pictures to share in the fun. Send any photos you'd like to show off to [email protected], and the site might feature them in an upcoming blog.

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