Washington County Fair

Richmond, RI

Aug 14 2019 - Aug 18 2019

Price: $11

Rent an RV

A fun fair that offers a step back to simpler times, the Washington County Fair in Richmond, Rhode Island is a great place to spend the last days of summer. It started as a very modest event way back in 1967 and has since grown into an incredible annual fair that attracts visitors from near and far. It includes everything you’d expect from a fair (and more) at very reasonable rates, never failing to please. 


The onstage entertainment at Washington County Fair is always wonderful. Additionally, it’s always varied, meaning there’s something for everyone. Mainstage events always include well-known country music stars, but you’ll catch plenty of other acts including music, dancing, and more in other locations throughout the fairgrounds. 

Entertainment is around every corner at the Washington Country Fair. Besides the many onstage performances mentioned above, you’ll also find games and contests, agricultural and livestock events, a midway, rides, and tons of food vendors offering all kinds of fried treats and foods on a stick. 

4H plays a huge role in this fair and offers members opportunities to show off their animals. Additionally, FFA has exhibits that help young people get a better understanding of farming. Adult games include such competitions as tug-of-war and arm wrestling, and kids can participate in pint-sized pie eating contests, three-legged races, milking contests, and more.


The safety of guests is very important to the Washington Country fair. For this reason, they have brought on a private security team in addition to the police officers who patrol the event. Besides this top-notch security setup, the fair has also instituted a few rules to help keep everyone safe. These include a no-alcohol rule, as well as rules against bringing in dogs or other pets. 

Be sure to review all of the rules before heading to the fair in order to ensure the safety and comfort of yourself, your family, and all other guests. 


The fair is located in Richmond, RI.


While parking a personal vehicle at the fair is easy and free, parking an RV is not so much. In fact, this particular fair doesn’t offer any RV camping at all. Considering the fact the RVing and fairs go hand in hand, we find this very unfortunate. 

Still, there are some awesome offsite RV camping options available, and because this particular fair is such a good one, making the drive to and from the campground is totally worthwhile. 

Some of our favorite camping options are listed below:

Wawaloam CampgroundWawaloam Campground is located a mere 14 minutes from the fairgrounds, and the rates at this park start at just $50 per night. This is a great option for families, and the park offers plenty of amenities to keep everyone happy.

Ashaway RV Resort — Located just 17 minutes from the fair, Ashaway RV Resort is an amazing place to stay. Campers love their lineup of family-friendly activities as well as their amenities, and we know you will too. 

Whispering Pines Campgrounds — The closest option of all, Whispering Pines Campground is just 12 minutes away from the fair. This park has everything you might need to fully enjoy your stay, along with very affordable rates. 

Of course, you’ll obviously need an RV in the first place to go RV camping near the fair. Fortunately for you, RVshare has plenty of great RV rental options. Do a search now to find your ideal rig!


The fairgrounds are spacious and just perfect for such a popular event. Unfortunately, parking is a bit limited, and when the fair is especially crowded, the onsite parking can fill up. That said, the fair takes care of this issue by providing guests with offsite parking and shuttles to and from the fair gates. This works out quite nicely and doesn’t present much of a hassle at all. 

Whether you end up parking onsite or offsite, the parking is free, something you won’t find at too many similar events these days. 


Finally, we must discuss tickets. Washington County Fair tickets are very budget-friendly. Daily admission is only $11 per adult per day, while kids 10 and under enter for free. Aside from rides, this rate includes absolutely everything including headliner concerts. Tickets for rides must be purchased separately once inside the fairgrounds. 

Daily admission tickets can be purchased at the gate. That said, it is also possible to purchase tickets in advance. You can do this by mail, but we recommend heading to one of the following locations instead:

  • Healey’s News
  • Woodmansee Insurance
  • T.J. Grain
  • Wyoming Hardgoods
  • Old Saw Mill Farm
  • Coventry Ace Hardware

By purchasing from one of these locations, you can get a strip of five admission tickets for only $45. That’s a $10 savings!

For addresses for these retailers, as well as info on ordering by mail, check out this page of the fair website. 


If you plan to head to the Washington County Fair this year, we’d love for you to share your stories and photos with us. Send them over to [email protected]!

Check out @TheWashingtonCountyFair on Facebook and Instagram, and @TheWCFair on Twitter for event updates! 

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