Bangor State Fair

515 Main St. Bangor, ME 04401

Jul 30 2020 - Aug 08 2020

Price: $7-$50

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If you're looking for a reason to go on a road trip this summer, then come on down to the Bangor State Fair. Locally known as "The Fair," this event features fun attractions and vendors selling tasty food. Many people not just from Bangor but all over Maine attend the fair every year. Total attendance ranges between 40,000 and 50,000 people. Since starting in 1849, the Bangor State Fair has grown into a great agricultural and recreational mashup. Visitors can look forward to activities like live musical performances, carnival rides and a demolition derby.


There are plenty of activities you can check out in the grandstand, which faces the racetrack. For example, day one generally starts off with a fireworks show. The demolition derby usually takes place on the final two days. You can take a look at the full schedule online here. In addition, there's a midway area with carnival rides, attractions and food vendors.

Applying for Activity Participation

There are some attractions and activities you can participate in that you may be required to apply for before the fair starts. For example, you could join the fair's photo competition. This competition requires you to apply and mail in your photos by a certain day. There's also a deadline for delivering your photos in person. This competition has two separate entries for adults and youth. Be sure to read all of the rules, which you can find on this page.

Some of the more daring visitors may want to apply to join the demolition derby. If you visit this page and click on "Rules and Regulations" under "Demolition Derby Forms," it will take you to a website that clarifies the rules for participation. There are safety rules, like wearing a helmet, and driving rules, like immediately stopping when you see a red flag. Once you've read and understood all of the rules, you can apply for participation here. It costs $50 to join, and you must mail your entry to the Woodbooger Demolition Derby address shown at the bottom of the application.


For 2020, the Bangor State Fair will run from July 30 to August 8. The Bangor State Fair will be held near the Cross Insurance Center at Bass Park. The exact address is:

515 Main St.

Bangor, ME 04401


Since this fair lasts for 10 days, it's a great event for RVers. Those with campers won't have to keep driving back and forth between a hotel and the grounds each day. This makes the Bangor State Fair campground area quite popular.

While there is a camping area at the fair, it's limited to agricultural participants who have animals to care for. Luckily, there are plenty of other camping sites in the surrounding area. Even if you can't afford to buy a new vehicle, you can get an RV rental via RVshare and enjoy all of the benefits of camping at or near the Bangor State Fair.


Since there are no spots on-site for recreational vehicles, RVers can go to places like the Paul Bunyan Campground in Bangor. If you're looking for more options, then you'll find there are plenty of other campgrounds in nearby cities and regions. Bangor is located near the regions of Midcoast, Downeast Acadia, and Katahdin Moosehead. Additionally, many other places don't require you to have an RV to stay, like Bayley's Camping Resort that allows visitors to rent out a cabin. There are places like the Red Apple Campground where both RV travelers and non-RV travelers can stay.


Starting from Interstate 95 north or south, take Exit 182A to 395 East. Keep in mind that Exit 182A used to be 45A. Next, follow the road to Exit 3B, which is Main Street. Take a right onto Main Street. Keep going until you reach Buck Street, which is the third light down, and take a left. Look for the second entrance of the fence, and you'll find the on-site parking.

If you're starting from Route 1A in Ellsworth, then travel to 395 West. Follow this road to Exit 3, which will take you to Main Street. Once you reach Main Street, take a right. Keep going until you find Buck Street, and then take a left. Buck Street should be two lights down from the turn onto Main Street. From there, you'll find the on-site parking for the grounds at the second entrance of the fence.


Vehicles are allowed to park on the racetrack infield for a cost of $7. There is handicap parking available as well. Be sure to check the map for clarification on parking areas.


The $7 isn't just for parking; it's also for admission to the fairgrounds. Tickets must be bought separately for the rides. Prices for those can range between $5 for four tickets and $50 for 55 tickets. On certain days, there are promotions for the rides after admission has been paid. For example, visitors can buy a $10 wristband on July 25 or pay for two individuals for the price of one on August 2. You could also look forward to daily offers, like Senior Citizen's Day on July 30 where people 55 and older get in for free. For more information on these prices, check out the Bangor State Fair's admission and hours page.

For admission into the fair, cash and debit or credit cards can be accepted. However, not all vendors will accept debit or credit cards. That's why there are ATMs available in a couple of areas. There's one in the midway and one in the southwest lobby of the Cross Insurance Center. Keep in mind that fees may apply with withdrawals.


With an RV, you can turn a typical road trip into a fun little hotel on wheels. That's why RVshare is happy to help travelers find RV rentals and start making those memories. As you're enjoying the Bangor State Fair, feel free to share your pictures with RVshare. Send your photos to [email protected] Feel free to tell everyone your stories and provide any tips for future visitors going to the Bangor State Fair. Your story could be featured on RVshare's social media and blog.

You can also follow the Bangor State Fair through @BangorStateFair on Facebook and Twitter.

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