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Sugar Loaf Campground

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Located on the north shore of Greers Ferry Lake, Sugar Loaf Campground is one of the larger Heber Springs camping sites. The main attraction is the Sugar Loaf Mountain Island National Nature Trail, which is located nearby. This trail is only accessible by boat, so grab a crew and prepare to see some 1,000-foot-high views of the surrounding area.

Why You’ll Love Sugar Loaf Campground

Staying at Sugar Loaf campground is the best way to access the secluded majesty of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Be advised that this campground is located some distance outside of town, so make sure to bring along enough amenities to stay comfortable as you explore the surrounding area. In addition to boating out to Sugar Loaf Mountain, there are plenty of other activities like swimming and fishing under the warm sun.

What People Are Saying About Sugar Loaf Campground

“Clean facilities, friendly staff, just have to reserve ahead of time for major holidays” – JC, Google Review

“It was a really nice place to swim and cook out with the family” – Ashley, Google Review

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