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Lewis & Clark State Park

Right off of I-5 in Washington, you’ll find the lovely and historic Lewis and Clark State Park. It’s directly between Portland and Seattle, an hour and a half from the former and two hours from the latter, making it the perfect midway point for people visiting both cities. The campground is about an hour and 40 minutes from Multnomah Falls, so it’s possible to do a day trip. There are a number of gas stations, restaurants, and parks nearby, and the immediate area offers hiking, horseback riding, and historic sites along the Oregon Trail

Why You’ll Love Lewis & Clark State Park

Situated in a beautiful forested area along several creeks and a river, this campground offers beautiful scenery and easy access to I-5. The area is quiet and peaceful and offers a great place to get away and enjoy some family time. Lawns double as playing fields, fire pits and amphitheaters provide great gathering spaces, and the surrounding area is full of hiking trails and horseback riding. Plus, history lovers will never want to leave, as the region is full of historical sites from the Oregon Trail.

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