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Grand Canyon National Park Campgrounds

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If you want to stay inside Grand Canyon National Park, waking up to brilliant sunrises over the canyon and relaxing with sunset views each day, the South Rim is the place to do it. There are three lodging options within the park – two in the busy Grand Canyon Village, and one more remote campground, Desert View Campground, 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village. Trailer Village, within Grand Canyon Village, is the only campground inside the national park on the south rim that offers RV hookups. For that reason, the information below pertains to Trailer Village RV Park, but there is additional tent camping in other places.

Why You’ll Love Grand Canyon National Park Campgrounds

This is the place to go for RV camping within the grounds of the Grand Canyon National Park. Trailer Village offers a surprisingly long list of services and is located near many other convenient amenities within Grand Canyon Village. At the same time, it’s one of the very few places where you get to go to sleep and wake up in the magnificent Grand Canyon. Being able to wake up and walk over to the rim of the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience

What People Are Saying About Grand Canyon National Park Campgrounds

“The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, even though they were very busy they were warm and inviting. The RV park was set up nicely and is centrally located to just about everything. They have buses that run to the RV camping area and take you just about everywhere in the park. A big plus! Grocery store and market are within working walking distance. Our stay was a wonderful experience. We had elk walk through the first day there. For the most part, the campers were respectful and polite. The park did an amazing job making this area a camping trip to remember.” – Lorena Sims, Google Review

“Fantastic park, friendly hosts, centrally located to Grand Canyon and so much to do and see.” – Ty Cope, Google Review

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