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El Pais Motel & Campgrounds

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El Pias Motel and Campground is a Vintage Vacation Destination. A Truly Unique & Memorable place. This Mother & Daughter Team has renovated a mid-Century 1949 Motel & Campground and even restored Classic very rare Airstreams, Trailers, and a Bus. El Pais Motel and campground has so much to offer including Live Music & Events, Photoshoots & Activities, movies at the pool, and more!

Why You’ll Love El Pais Motel & Campgrounds

Mid Century Marvel Authentic & Artsy Amenities Galore! The atmosphere is awe-inspiring, accommodating & friendly. The clubhouse, pool, outdoor kitchen, and art patio are fantastically designed and great for entertaining. Be sure to see the Historic Rare RVs & Cars at El Pais! This campground and motel also offer Free Organic Eggs, Free Laundry, Free WiFi, and complimentary coffee at 7:30 am on the patio.

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