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Coyote RV Park & Campground

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The Coyote RV Park & Campground is a more traditional RV park for those who want something out in nature. The park does not have modern amenities like Wi-Fi and features limited hookup options. It is a great Upper Peninsula campground for those who just want some peace and quiet.

Why You’ll Love Coyote RV Park & Campground

The park includes several covered or indoor spaces for parties or other events. The park is family friendly, and pets are welcome. Coyote RV Park & Campground is near the town of Stephenson where amenities and supplies are available. This makes the park just far enough away to be rustic while not being too far away for you to grab more food and bug spray if needed. Fire pits are available for bonfires.

What People Are Saying About Coyote RV Park & Campground

“The owners are very nice and accommodating.” Ambrose, Google Reviews

“Great family campground.” Arin, Google Reviews

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