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Blue Rock State Park

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This park is ideal for the traveler looking for a primitive experience. Despite its lack of modern amenities, there is plenty to do at the park when it comes to natural beauty. Owned and operated by the Department of Natural Resources, the grounds are pristinely maintained.

Why You’ll Love Blue Rock State Park

You should come here if you and your family like to get outside and be active while you are on the road. The park is big and filled with wooded hiking trails, a lake, and areas for hunting. For those interested in history, you can learn about one of the worst mining accidents in history, which occurred at this location in 1856.

What People Are Saying About Blue Rock State Park

“Planned and booked our second trip while we were still on our first one. Absolutely love the park, the forest, the people, and the overall atmosphere. It’s going to be our monthly family camping spot!” – Melanie, Facebook Review

“This is a beautiful state park that has things to do for the whole family. Go swimming, take a hike, visit the naturalist for programs, have a cookout – the list just goes on!”

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