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A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

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This Homer, Alaska, campground offers an RV park as well as a lodge and cabin. Located right on Ocean Drive and next to the renowned Homer Spit, it is only a five-minute drive from the airport. This quiet RV park in Homer even features a fish processing area right on-site.

Why You’ll Love A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

The RV park is small and intimate, so it’s less crowded than most Homer camping sites. It’s easily located thanks to access to the highway, and restaurants, shopping, laundry, and a farmers market are just a quick trip away. RV parks in Homer, Alaska, like this one make it easy to travel up into town or head right down to the spit for some unbelievable fishing and water sports. A Fisherman’s Resort is also home to a lodge where guests can stay in a hotel-style environment. Both the RV park and the lodge guests are close to the fish processing operation located on-site, so it’s a good opportunity to feel close to the industry that helps make Homer such a successful environment.

What People Are Saying About A Fisherman’s Resort RV Park

“Smaller than I had expected, but clean and quiet.” – Brenna, Google Review

“It’s a small, quaint little RV camp.” – Jon, Google Review

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