How to Winterize Your Teardrop Trailer

RV Owners

As much as we hate to hear it, summer can’t last forever. Eventually temperatures will turn cold, and your Teardrop trailer will need to be prepared for the harsh winter weather.

All Teardrop owners should know how to prepare their trailer for a long winter. Winterizing your trailer in the proper way will ensure that it remains in good condition so when the  snow melts and vacation season is once again upon us you can simply hop in and go.

To learn how to winterize your Teardrop Trailer, we turn to the experts at Little Guy Teardrop Campers.

Step 1: Drain the Water Tank:

The first step recommended by Little Guy for winterizing your Teardrop trailer is to drain out all the water. This is a simple task. First, prop up the front of the trailer to get a gravity assist and open all the faucets and hot water pressure valves. Next, locate the petcock on the water tank beneath your trailer and unscrew the cap so the water drains out completely. Once your water is completely drained, remove and replace the heater’s anode rod with an appropriately-sized plug. Finally, unscrew the cap from the grey water tank and let it drain.

Step 2: Add Antifreeze:

Now that the water is gone from your pipes, you need to replace it with antifreeze, specifically non-toxic antifreeze made for RVs such as the Prestone RV/Marine brand. You’ll need to add around two gallons of antifreeze to the system through all the drains on the trailer. If you’re unable or unwilling to use antifreeze, it’s possible to use compressed air instead to blow the pipes dry for the season.

a teardrop trailer in a snowy patch

Spring Time Flush Out

The antifreeze or the compressed air treatment will keep your RV’s plumbing safe during the harsh winter. When the spring weather returns, you can simply drain the antifreeze and begin cleaning the system for a new season. To clear the antifreeze fill the tank with fresh water and turn on the water pump to flush out the entire system. It’s important to sanitize the system both before and after winterizing, particularly if you drink the water in the tank for your Teardrop trailer. A dose of bleach poured into the plumbing will help sanitize your system after the antifreeze has been drained.

The experts at explains how best to sanitize the water system.

For a four hour treatment multiply the water tank gallon capacity by .13, for a one hour treatment multiply the water tank by .26. This will provide the measurement in ounces of household bleach required to flush the cleanse the system. Mix the proper amount of bleach into a container of water, pour the solution into the water tank and then add drinkable water. Turn on the electric pump and open ALL the faucets, don’t forget the shower! When you start to smell chlorine, turn off the faucets.

Time the process before returning to refill your RV with water, and the process is complete. The before and after measures to winterize your RV should take no more than a couple hours in total, and it’s well worth the time to preserve your RV and its plumbing.