Winter Amenities to Add to Your Listing to Excite RV Renters

RV Owners

Many RV owners choose to winterize and store their rigs for the winter. This is an understandable decision, but isn’t necessarily the best plan from a business standpoint. After all, there is a potential for making money during the cold season—why would you want to miss out?

That said, rentals do tend to die down a bit during the winter months, meaning you will need to find ways to keep your RV rented. One way people do this is by sending their rigs south for the renter, allowing them to be rented by another owner until the spring rolls around again. Another option is to offer discounts to anyone who rents during the colder time of year.

Both of these options work well, but there is another option that can be used in conjunction with the second choice: winter amenities.

Most people don’t go RVing in the winter because they don’t think of an RV as a cozy and warm place to be, nor do they think of outdoor activities when they think of winter. You can change this by adding certain amenities to your rental RV that entice and excite renters and change how they see winter camping entirely.

Below are a few amenities winter renters will adore.

Fire pit

Fire Pit and Fuel

Perhaps the most important part of winter camping is the campfire. While many campgrounds provide fire pits, not all do, and ensuring your renters have the ability to sit around a fire is crucial.

Wood fire pits are great if you’re looking for something to keep your renters super warm, but propane fire pits are allowed in more places and are easier to use. Choose one or choose both, but whatever you choose, make sure you include fuel. This means you’ll want to throw in a bundle of firewood if you include a wood fire pit, or a bottle of propane for the propane sort.

Faux Fireplace

You could also give your renters the opportunity to bring that cozy fire inside. Not a real fire, of course, but a faux fire in a faux fireplace heater. These awesome little appliances actually run on electricity and include mock flames while also heating the room. Some even include an option for fire sounds, making them even more fun and realistic.

Cooking on a fire

Campfire Cooking Gear

There’s nothing quite like cooking over an open fire when you’re out camping. This becomes even more wonderful when the weather gets chilly and you can keep warm as you cook. Why not give your renters the gear they need to enjoy campfire cooking?

Pie irons, roasting sticks, a Dutch oven, and a grill specifically for cooking over the fire are all good options. You could also include recipes and ingredients, so all your renters have to do is read a recipe, mix some things up, and get cooking.

Special Bedding

Some rental RVs don’t include any bedding at all, and even those that do don’t necessarily include bedding that is suitable for winter weather. Stand out from the crowd and help keep your renters comfy and cozy by including special winter bedding. This might include a comfortable mattress topper and mattress pad, flannel sheets, an electric blanket, and a down (or down alternative) comforter.

We all know how welcoming a warm and comfortable bed can be at the end of a cold day, and RV beds are no exception. This is a perk your renters are sure to love!

Cup of hot tea

Hot Drink Station

Another thing that everyone loves when the weather’s chilly outside is a nice hot drink. Some prefer coffee, others prefer tea, and still others want something like hot cocoa, but all can agree that the warmth of whatever drink they choose is absolutely wonderful.

By setting up a hot drink station in your RV, you can ensure your renters have a hot beverage whenever they see fit. Include a good coffee maker, a grinder, a kettle for tea, fresh coffee beans, various tea bags, and some nice hot cocoa packets, as well as some insulated travel mugs to keep those drinks piping hot even when taken outdoors.

Indoor Entertainment

Depending on the weather, playing outside may not be an option during every winter camping trip. For this reason, it’s a good idea to provide some sort of indoor entertainment for your renters. Board games, card games, and movies are all excellent options that’ll keep your renters happily entertained during their trip.

Skis in the snow

Winter Sports Gear

If you live near a ski resort or another place to participate in winter sports, you might consider adding in some winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, and sleds. This kind of equipment can add a lot of fun to a winter trip, and the more active renters out there will definitely appreciate it.

Holiday Decor

If you have renters taking your RV for holidays, consider investing a bit of holiday decor to brighten things up. You will of course want to make sure the items you choose will stay in place during the trip. You’ll also want to check with the renters to make sure they’d like to have such decor. The vast majority of renters will enjoy the fun and festive look, and the decor will add to their fun and unique holiday experience.

Adding a few of these amenities to your listing this winter is sure to help your RV stand out, and will almost certainly bring in extra business. Considering how inexpensive and easy it would be to add these items in, it just makes sense to give it a try.

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