Wide Path Camper: The Ultimate Guide

How Tos & Tips

RVing is becoming more and more popular with younger generations. In fact, many young people are going so far as to live in their RVs while traveling the country.

That said, you certainly don’t have to live in your rig to have an amazing time seeing all the country has to offer. Investing in a travel trailer and squeezing in a bit of travel whenever possible can be just as fun.

Of course, for some, time isn’t the only restraint. Many are concerned more with money, or with the fact that they don’t own—and possibly don’t even want to own—a truck large enough to pull a travel trailer. Fortunately, there are answers to both of these problems as well.

The first answer is to rent an RV for each individual adventure!

However, if you prefer to have the freedom to adventure whenever and wherever you like without planning ahead at all, you might be better off with a Wide Path Camper.

Image source: Wide Path Camper

What is a Wide Path Camper?

Wide Path Campers are very popular in the EU. The company makes a variety of travel trailers, all of which are teeny tiny and super lightweight. These units are also incredibly affordable, offering those with smaller bank accounts a chance to be comfortable while exploring nature.

Two styles of Wide Path Camper are made to be towed by vehicles. However, the most well known camper made by this brand is a bicycle camper, created to be towed using a bicycle and opening up all kinds of doors for new adventures.

Today we will focus on the bicycle camper specifically.

Benefits of a Wide Path Bicycle Camper?

Collapsible and Lightweight

All Wide Path models are collapsible campers. Because of this, and because they are so very lightweight, it’s easy to use your bike to tow your Wide Path bike camp trailer absolutely anywhere. In fact, these mobile tiny homes can even go places a traditional camper would never dream of reaching.

Durability for Adventure

The fact that a Wide Path Camper is a lightweight collapsible camper might lead you to believe it would be flimsy. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These campers are made using a hard shell that is UV-resistant and incredibly durable. The windows are shatter-free, and the floor is water-resistant.

All in all, this is a super solid unit that is ready for big adventures.

Comfort Anywhere

We mentioned above that these tiny mobile houses can go anywhere. What we didn’t mention is that they pack in an amazing amount of comfort.

Inside you’ll find a small table and seating for two. This furniture converts to a nice little bed with a nightstand. Plenty of storage is always available, a small light allows you to stay up after dark, a fan keeps the air moving, and the many available add-on packages give you even more comfort features.

All of this means you can get comfy and relax literally anywhere.  

Easy to Use

Because these campers are so small and lightweight, hitching them up is a cinch. Additionally, setting them up for camping takes just a couple of minutes. Simply unfold the unit, add the outdoor table and sunshade (if applicable), set up some camp chairs, and you’re ready to camp!

Low Price

Finally, we love that even with their high quality, these campers are so affordable. The low Wide Path Camper price means that more people will be able to get out and experience nature, and what could be wrong with that?

Image source: Wide Path Camper

Wide Path Camper Costs

As mentioned before, Wide Path Campers are very affordable. The bike camper—the cheapest of the 3 models offered—has a base price of about $4,300. This is much cheaper than any other camper we’ve ever heard of, and definitely makes RVing affordable for the masses.

Of course, you can deck that basic unit out with all kinds of awesome options. However, even a Wide Path Camper bicycle camper with every single add-on can be purchased for under $7,600, meaning even the upgraded Wide Path Camper cost is still something most people can afford.

Wide Path Camper Weight & Dimensions

We’ve mentioned multiple times that Wide Path Campers are teeny tiny. However, many people want exact dimensions. For those people, we have compiled a list of measurements for this bike camping trailer:

  • Bed size: approximately 3’ x 6.5’
  • Exterior when unfolded: approximately 9.35’ long x 5.74’ wide x 3.2’ tall
  • Exterior when folded: approximately 4.9’ long x 5.74’ wide x 3.2’ tall
  • Interior cabin height: approximately 4.6’
Image source: Wide Path Camper

4 Best Wide Path Bicycle Camper Upgrades

By now you may have decided you definitely want this fabulous little trailer, but you may also be wondering what kinds of upgrades you can get to go along with the awesome basic package.

We recommend investing in these 4 options:

Sun Cover

Cost: $265

Perfect for providing shade while you relax outside and helping to keep the inside of your rig cool, the sun cover is a great add-on. It slides into the rail that comes attached to your trailer, making it incredibly easy to set up, and really makes your campsite feel like home.

Outdoor Package

Cost: $270

Need a way to sit under your sun cover? Never fear! The Outdoor Package will get you taken care of. This package includes a small table that slides into a pre-installed rail on your camper, as well as two lightweight folding chairs.

Solar Package

Cost: $1,770

By far the most expensive add-on, many people may question whether the Solar Package is a worthy investment. We’re here to tell you that it is. This awesome package is super easy to set up, and when fully charged, it will allow you to charge two cellphones and run the light and fan in your rig for up to 12 hours!

Tinted Windows

Cost: $270

Usually the bike camper’s shatterproof windows are crystal clear. Unfortunately, this lets in a lot of light and heat and makes it super easy for passersby to peek into your tiny home. Get the windows tinted to prevent these problems.

There is also the option of adding the Lux Package, which gives you a thicker, more comfortable mattress along with cute matching throw pillows and a tablecloth. While this is definitely nice, if you’re picking and choosing, this isn’t one we think is a must-have.

As you can see, the Wide Path Bike Camper is well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new way to experience the outdoors. Why not start searching for bike campers for sale today?