Why Every RVer Needs a Good Set of Jack Pads

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Article written by Origen RV Accessories, makers of RV SnapPads – the world’s only permanent jack pads. SnapPads snap on to your rig’s jacks in minutes but provide a lifetime of benefits including increased protection, convenience, and stability. To learn more visit rvsnappad.com, or to find the right SnapPads for your RV, you can submit your rig here

Any experienced RVer will tell you that not every RV park or campsite you visit will be flat or level. Sometimes one side of your spot will be higher than the other. Sometimes the terrain itself will be lumpy, uneven, or uncertain. 

Of course, RVers also know that getting your rig level is essential to your camping experience. Appliances like your refrigerator need to be level to function properly. Any liquids that you might have or use in the vehicle can be difficult to work with if your RV is “wonky”. Sleeping at night or walking around your rig can also be less comfortable if it is leaning or slanted.

Leveling an RV is just one of the main reasons to invest in leveling or jack pads for your Motorhome, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer. However, given the size and weight of modern RVs, the health of our nation’s roads, sidewalks, and driveways are also at risk. Not to mention the maintenance and functionality of your automatic leveling system. 

With that in mind, here are the 3 big reasons to get jack pads for your rig:

1.) Leveling and Stability

Leveling is the obvious one, which we have already touched on above. Aside from the basics about needing to have a level RV, you’ll also want to find jack pads that increase your rig’s surface area/footprint and therefore stability. 

On top of terrain that isn’t flat, there are also considerations like soft earth, gravel, or sand. When the terrain beneath your rig isn’t solid, there’s a risk of your RV’s metal jack feet sinking down or shifting in place. 

In addition, a jack pad that helps dampen vibrations and the “rock” of the rig when you are inside, makes for a better RVing experience and lessens the chances of slippage or tilt.

These are many of the reasons we opted to make RV SnapPads – the world’s only permanent jack pad – out of durable recycled tire crumb. The material plus our manufacturing process makes the SnapPads strong and durable, but also able to absorb vibrations and maintain grip on a wide variety of terrains. 

The result is an easy, permanent leveling solution that also vastly improves stability in almost any circumstance.

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2.) Concrete and Asphalt protection 

Did you know there are RVs out there that weigh over 40,000 pounds? That’s literally tons of weight to worry about whenever your park or store your rig! 

Because many RVs are not only heavy but also equipped with metal jack or landing feet, the possibility of severely damaging any concrete or asphalt surface they are on is significant. 

For example, here is a picture of a Motorhome at a rally. Over the course of a couple days, the rig’s jack foot had completely sunk into the asphalt road below it:


Of course, not all damage is this dramatic. Sometimes a heavy rig’s jacks can result in chips, cracks, ruts, or rust stains. In fact, this is the reason a lot of RV parks now require pads be placed under leveling jacks – they want to avoid the inevitable property damage that comes with unprotected jacks!

Of course, if you tend to park or store your RV on your driveway or on a road near your home, you will no doubt have the same considerations as the RV park owner 😉

RV SnapPads is the ultimate jack pad option for this reason. Because they attach permanently, you never have to worry about damaging your property – or an RV park – again.

Click here to see how easy it is to permanently install SnapPads. 

3.) Jack Foot Protection

Perhaps the most often ignored reason to have a good set of jack pads for your rig is jack foot protection.

The metal jack feet on your leveling system are absolutely integral to how your leveler’s function. Damaged jack feet can lead to all sorts of problems, from lackluster leveling and stability to catastrophic failures that can lead to much bigger problems. 

In our experience as the creators of permanent jack pads, we have seen many different kinds of jack feet and leveling systems. We have also seen a lot of beat-up jacks:

Issues like rust, scrapes, “edge curl”, and bends can lower the effectiveness of your leveling system and reduce the lifespan of your jacks. 

In addition, rust, scrapes, and dents are the slow killers of your jacks, compromising their strength and durability. Eventually, damage like this can cause your jack feet to fail or collapse beneath the weight of your RV, leading to big problems and even bigger costs. 

Edge curl and bends also mean your jacks have less surface area on the ground and won’t provide the flat, even surface you need out of a leveling system. You can’t level something with something that isn’t level after all!

Vital jack protection is also why we made RV SnapPads. Think of them like big, durable “shoes” for your RV. Because they are made of weather-resistant rubber and they snap on to your jack feet permanently, they provide on-going, 24/7 protection for your rigs levelers, rain or shine. 

On top of that, we designed every SnapPad product line with built-in water drainage, to help remove excess water that might gather on the top of your jacks when parked in the rain or snow. 

BONUS – Take Jack Protection to the Next Level!

Want to really ramp up your jack foot protection and ensure a long, healthy life for your leveling system? Combine RV SnapPads with a layer of water-repellant sealant, like Flex Seal

Here’s how original SnapPad owner Kurt Wagner did it in a few, easy steps:

Simply protect your ram with a paper wrap, apply the flex seal (top & bottom), let cure for 24 hours, and then snap on your SnapPad! Looks great and your levelers will thank you 🙂

Interested in the world’s only permanent jack pad for your rig? Browse the SnapPad product line or contact us at [email protected] for more information.