An Ultra Cool Tent…Or a VW Camper Van?

If you’re a VW camper van fan, you will absolutely love this tent. From a distance it looks like a VW camper van parked in the grass, but get closer and you will see it’s actually a very accurate replica made into a tent!

This amazing bus/tent is licensed by VW and is exact in measurement to the real thing. Grab your friends and family and go camping in the great outdoors. Your tent is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone who passes by.


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The VW Camper van tent is easy to set up and sleeps up to four adults. There are two rooms that can be divided by zippers for privacy, and it comes in blue, red or orange.  The tents comes with free standing poles and bungee cords to connect it to stakes in the ground.

Inside the tent is tall enough to stand up, and at 10 feet long there’s plenty of room to spread out. The tent is both wind resistant and waterproof. At $500 this tent is a true camping option for the whole family. What more could you ask for!

Which color would you prefer? Order your VW Camper Van Tent from today!

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